Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Cabarete es un Carnaval!

Cabarete CarnavalAfter a successful 2015 test run for the Cabarete Carnaval Event, 2016 is coming strong with the official Dominican Republic Carnaval hosted by The Ministry Of Tourism and The Association of Hotels & Restaurants Cabarete and Sosua (ASHORESOCA) and travel company ZeZee Travel on March 19th.

This is a milestone for Cabarete and the North Coast.

Cabarete Carnaval is a community event with the potential of raising the bar and cultural standards for tourism on the North Coast, and we want to invite you to participate in preparing for what we believe can become one of the most significant events throughout the year in the Cabarete-Sosua area in the time to come.

To achieve this goal and make sure the carnival becomes an annual feature for tourism and local celebration, the international and local community has shown a great support and positive expectations to receiving 250 members of costume teams (comparsas) from around the country.

Cabarete Carnaval Cabarete Carnaval

Hosted by the Minstry of Tourism and the Association of hotels and Restaurants in Cabarete and Sosua, ASHORESOCA, this event has the support behind it to reach a wide market nationally. The aim is to raise the bar for tourism and bring the Dominican Republic to the world. Organizer Erick Michael Vargas is a true carnavalero with a life long history participating in the Santo Domingo carnival;

“The carnival is happiness. It is smiles and happiness. We are very proud of this cultural feature of the Dominican Republic and it is important for us to include everyone in it, both locals and visitors. We are including every level of Cabarete in this event and aiming to portray the diversity of the Carnaval, Cabarete, The North Coast and the entire country of the Dominican Republic. After all, it is paradise!”

Cabarete Carnaval Cabarete Carnaval

With 250 costumes from teams (comparsas) from all over the country and a parade that covers the entire town, village and beach, the 2016 Cabarete Carnaval opens new doors for celebrating the culture and growing the tourism on the North Coast.

The event tales place Saturday March 19th in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. An event to bring the community together and share it with the world!

Cabarete Carnaval Cabarete Carnaval

2016 Carnaval Video

It’s humbling to see a community getting together for a carnival the way it did on the north coast of The Dominican Republic this year. Check out the story :) 

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