Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Cabarete Carnaval Brings People Together!

Cabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican Republic

It’s humbling to see a community getting together the way it did on the north coast of The Dominican Republic this weekend. With representation from all over the country, young and old got together to celebrate the history and culture of the Dominican and Caribbean people. The world famous carnival has arrived to the north, to remember and honor the slaves that paved the road for what is a free people and a country in full bloom today. It’s an event that brings people together.



The carnival is a part of the Dominican people’s roots and pride, and consists of a number of different “comparsas” or teams, setting their own personality to the hand made costumes. Each costume takes the entire year to make, and there is always a story behind it.

The Cabarete Es Un Carnaval event invited 6 comparsas with a total of 250 costumes to parade the streets, the village and as the one and only carnaval parades in the country finishing on Cabarete Beach. Every single tourist and resident filled the streets and the beach with dance, music and smiles. A true Village Party!

Cabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican RepublicCabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican RepublicCabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican Republic

The Preparations
It’s saturday afternoon in the town of Cabarete, up north in the middle of paradise. But it’s not your regular March saturday afternoon, a few hours before the official start of ‘Semana Santa’ or Easter Week. a curious quantity of buses and vehicles arrive to TropiCoco Restaurant and from them, a grand amount of groups emerge. The festivities are in, let the first oficial Cabarete Carnaval begin!

Once established, all groups begin their hair-, makeup- and dress-up rituals. Tourists walking by can’t help but pause and admire the colors and details in the masks. All revealing a series of devils, witches, lions, warlocks and cemíes (taino deities).

The Parade
By 5:30 pm all groups are in position and beging the parade torwards the main street. Up ahead are the Roba La Gallina’s (from Santiago) dancing on the streets with national color apparels and traditional hats, the Lechones (from Santiago) dress like devils who just walked by rainbows, with horns adorned with flowers, mirrors, balloons and the such. The lechones dance to funny internal rhythms and strike their whips in the air as if to keep the dancing going.

The Constanza groups were dressed in the richest of colors with elements associated to the region, while the San Francisco ones popped out with their quirky carachters, some associated to politicians, making everyone laugh. The Bonao groups kept up the good moods while the Taimascaros Tribe (from Puerto Plata) made everyone look again since their masks where inspired in taino designs along with seashells.

The Villa María Lions (from Santo domingo) would not pass by unseen. This group caused a scene with their elaborated masks and creativity in wardrobe. Finally, the parade closed off with the loud trumpet and drum beats of the Alibaba Mambo Warlocks (from Santo domingo), capes and Aladdin hats were all the rage.

The Cabarete Es Un Carnaval event was received as a big success for all those present, disregarding ages or social classes. The parade route included the local village Callejón de La Loma, the main street and center of Cabarete, and the Cabarete beach area, giving instant life to all corners of the town with its dancing, laughter and live music.

Cabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican RepublicCabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican RepublicCabarete Carnaval 2016 Dominican Republic

“We hope to be back next year, we had a great time, thank you Cabarete!” a lady from a Constanza group called out as she walked back to her bus along with her daughter Mery at the end of a beautiful night. An event filled with culture, history and dominican roots: Cabarete is a Carnival!

Cabarete Es Un Carnaval was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism Dominican Republic (GoDominicanRepublic), ASHORESOCA (Association of Hotels and Restaurants Cabarete & Sosua) and travel company ZeZee Travel, brinigng new packages and group travels to the area.

2016 Carnaval Video

It’s humbling to see a community getting together for a carnival the way it did on the north coast of The Dominican Republic this year. Check out the story :) 

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