Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 3 - Ready for Finals!

Master of the ocean event site Cabarete Dominican RepublicEncuentro Beach: The day of the Master of the Ocean overall and team finals started this morning with relatively small waves and a side off shore breeze helping create nicely formed and very rideable waves. Cool Caribbean Dancehall Reggae kept the crowd on their toes which came out in numbers to support both the local and the foreign athletes. 
The day started off with the overall stand-up paddle finals, with finalists Zane Schweitzer, Fiona Wylde, Brian Talma and Brandon Sanford in the line-up. All four competitors were pumped and ready and despite the efforts of female 2014 Master of the Ocean title holder Fiona, water athlete Zane Schweitzer won the competition with flying colors. 

In the team stand-up paddle competitions, local riders Dauri Reinoso and Alexandre worked up the support of the crowd to dazzling heights but were unfortunately no match for Zane Schweitzer who again came in first. 

Windsurfing legend Brian Talma, who came third in the overall stand-up paddle finals, congratulated both Zane and Fiona on their super strong effort and highlighted that his favorite Dominican athletes were Samuel “Sammy” Perez Hults and Brandon Stanford. “I especially have a lot of respect for Brandon as he comes from a surfer background but has managed to expand his range to all three other watersports, which is unusual for surfers”, Brian added.  

The surfing overall finals were no less exciting with riders giving it all they had. After a lot of deliberation, the jury had finally decided in the morning that Brian “Action” Talma would be going to the surf finals instead of Spanish athlete Diego Anta. The action man, however, again came in third, being beaten by Dominican surf champion Brandon Sanford (2nd place) and Zane Schweitzer winning a well-deserved first place.

“I am super happy with having won both the stand-up paddle and surf categories, now I still want to win the last one: the windsurf category”, Zane gushed. When asked what he would recommend to future contestants to help them win he replied that diversifying into many different watersports is definitely the key. “Practicing different watersports every day helps to expand both the mind and the body, creating new perspectives and a broader mindset as well as the development of different muscles.” 

Zane Schweitzer Maste rot the Ocean 2015 Cabarete Dominican Republic

Because the wind picked up in the late afternoon the team surf finals will take place early Friday morning with Brandon Sanford (Team Terminator), Edual “Papito” Santana (Team Christo Salva), Pedro Fernandez (Team LG) and Victor Perartas (Team Best) in the line-up.

The heavy toll of the event was starting to show in the afternoon with Canadian athlete Gordon Gannon breaking his mast in the windsurf competition, fins missing on boards, signs of tiredness showing all round, injuries playing up and the voice of the announcer getting hoarse. But that didn’t stop the competitors from giving their all in the afternoon when the wind started blowing hard. 

Master of the Ocean athletes Dominican Republic Cabarete

When asked who he thought would become the Master of the Ocean organizer Marcus Bohm answered: “The best athlete”. All competitors gave their best and the overall feel of the event was one of respect with athletes helping each other whenever they could.

On Friday after the all popular expression sessions, which lets athletes compete against each other in one category only, the results of who will be the 2015 Master of the Ocean will be made public together with the results of the best team and the best athletes in the expression sessions.

Background information on Master of the Ocean:

Created by German waterman Marcus Bohm in 2003, the Master of the Ocean was originally conceived as the “Ironman of Water Sports”. The competition features a maximum of 12 teams of four athletes per team (one for every discipline) and a maximum of 16 overall athletes who master all four disciplines, with all competing for the Master of the Ocean title. The idea behind the event is to provide an opportunity for Dominican and Dominican resident athletes to compete side by side with international professionals. Cabarete was chosen as the best playground for this event as it boasts ideal conditions almost year-round for watersports.

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