Saturday, November 18, 2017

Master of the Ocean, Day 4: Winds of change!

Master Of the Ocean 2016 Camino Del Sol Due to unfavorable conditions, the organizers took decisions in benefit for the event and the 3rd day was postponed and the competition was mobilized to Celuisma Beach in Camino del Sol in order to continue with the Semis and Finals for Kiteboarding. With the support of voluntaries, coordinators, sponsors and general public, the athletes reunite in the new designated area to give their all in the remaining category.




Kiteboard Semi Finals Heat 1 Athletes: Emmanuel Rondon, Luciano González, Jeremy Green and Eniel Narváez.
With high level of trust in their equipments and physical habilities, both Emmanuel and Luciano pass on to finals. Heat 2 Athletes: Daury Reynoso, Brandon Sanford, Carolina Comino and Zane Schweitzer.

After moments of consideration and a tie, the judges decide that base on the best tricks and wave management, Zane and Daury were the winners of this heat. We met up with the athlete and new talents coach, winner of two Olympic medals, Michael Gebhart to talk about the event up to date:

“It’s a beautiful day in Cabarete, we’re in Celuisma, Camino del Sol. It is the 4th day of the competition, the first two days we had great winds however noticed it would die out a little during the week, so we basically focused the first two days on windsurfing and kiteboarding. The athletes have been great, they’ve been in the water since 7AM til 7PM everyday nonstop, real watermen and waterwomen. Also it’s been great to participate in this year’s Master of the Ocean, really glad to be able to support the event! “

Kiteboard Finals Athletes:
Emmanuel Rondon, Luciano González, Zane Schweitzer and Daury Reynoso.

The moment has arrived, the 4 finalists use every part of their body, their abilities and power to get the highest maneuvers and best of scores. Anything to get the judges and publics attentions.


1. Luciano Gonzalez
2. Emmanuel Rondon
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Daury Reynoso

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