Monday, December 18, 2017

Brain food needed

Barrio Blanco childrenAround thirty children between the age of three and six sit on a circle painted on the concrete floor of the little school in Barrio Blanco. They are singing a song while their teacher is clapping her hands to keep the rhythm. Today all of the kids seem happy and focused. That’s not always the case explains Danilsi who has been teaching in the school since it was built in 2012. “It happens quite often that some kids come to school without having had anything to eat and then it’s hard for them to concentrate.”

Barrio Blanco

Barrio Blanco, the neighborhood in which the school is located, has gone through tremendous change over the last five years. It used to be the poorest neighborhood of Cabarete consisting only of shacks built from scraps that would be razed every so often, open sewers, a lot of crime and zero opportunity. Charity organization Providing Opportunity for Self-Improvement has done a great job replacing a number of these shacks with dignified housing as well as building the school and an onsite clinic.

Still, a lot of people living there are having trouble making ends meet. Many are day laborers whose families will only eat when they find work for the day. The ones that suffer the most in these situations are the kids.

Barrio blanco food program childrenBarrio blanco food program childrenBarrio blanco food program children1

Children need breakfast

It has been shown in numerous studies that children who skipped breakfast often had lower body weight, had concentration issues and did worse at school. A recent US study showed that children from low income families who were given breakfast at school did much better than those from similar backgrounds who weren’t given any breakfast at school.

Another study has shown that even changing breakfast to one that is healthy and nutritious further helps concentration in children, improves moods and has been linked to improved grades.

Barrio blanco food program childrenBarrio blanco food program children2Barrio blanco food program children

Kids Food Program

Providing Opportunity is now seeking to redress this issue and has just initiated, in cooperation with Dreambuz Media and Lifestyle Cabarete, the Barrio Blanco Kids Food Program. Through this program they will be making sure that starting this upcoming school year these thirty kids will get a nutritious and healthy breakfast every morning on schooldays. On some days, this breakfast may be the only meal they get, which is already a lot better than no meal at all.

The breakfasts cost on average 60 pesos per child per day and from as little as 800 pesos per month anyone can help out these children. Restaurants willing to donate breakfast to the children are also most welcome.

The food program will start when the new school year kicks off on 18 August. Until then the BB Kids Food Program needs to get enough donations to provide thirty breakfasts every day for the first month.

Barrio blanco food program children5Barrio blanco food program childrenBarrio blanco food program children

Want to help?

Want to help? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on 829 640 4471

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Want more information on all the good things Providing Opportunity For Self Improvement does? Read more on their website.

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