Friday, November 24, 2017

Help save water (even if you’re on holiday)

WaterThe Dominican Republic, like other Caribbean islands, has been experiencing very dry weather for the past months, with little to no rainfall in May which is traditionally a very wet month and no relief since then either. Water reserves are at an all-time low and rivers are starting to dry up. In Cabarete we still have enough water to meet our needs, but saving water where ever possible, no matter if you are a visitor or a resident, makes sense as no one knows when the next rains will come. Check out our seven tips to save on your water use while in the Caribbean.



1. Turn the tap off when you’re not using the water
Turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth, washing your hands, doing the dishes, or soaping yourself in the shower. This small gesture is one of the easiest ways to save water and requires no sacrifice from your side. If you haven’t adopted this habit yet, consider doing so now.


2. Diminish number of showers
It’s hot and many people will jump into the cold shower several times a day to cool down. Instead of taking a cold shower consider jumping into the pool or ocean, and just take your shower at the end of the day to rinse off all the salt and chlorine.


3. Take short showers
When taking a shower, cut down on the actual time in the shower. You’ll be as clean from a 2-minute shower as from a 4-minute shower.


4. Use an easy to rinse off soap
Use soap that is east to rinse off so you don’t need to be in the shower for extended periods of time just to rinse off the soap.

dog wash

5. Use your toilet for its intended use only
Don’t use your toilet to flush down trash. Apart from clogging up the tubes, and potentially creating a huge mess in your hotel room / apartment, a lot of unnecessary water is wasted to flush down cigarette butts, used condoms, sanitary pads, baby nappies and any other type of trash that should not be thrown down the toilet.

cigarettes toilet

6. Run dishwashers and washing machines only when full
If you’re lucky enough to have rented an apartment with a dishwasher and / or washing machine, be sure to use them with full loads only.


7. Rinse kite equipment sparingly
When in Cabarete for kiting, be sure to give a quick rinse to your bar and harness at the end of the day. Rinsing your sail often, however, is not good for the canopy, so only rinse your sail at the end of your stay if you are sure you can dry your sail completely before packing.  


Also back home save water
Continue to save water, also when you’re back home, irrespective of whether you live in a country with high rainfall or not. According to the UGCS Water Science School, only 2,5% of all the water in the world is fresh water and most of that fresh water is locked up in ice, leaving very little actual fresh water to sustain life on the planet. So, every little drop helps.

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