Saturday, December 16, 2017

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet!

WOD CABARETE On June 8th the Dominican Surf Federation (FEDOSURF), the Dominican Olympic Committee and the Environment and Sports Committee published a joint article mentioning the practices that affect our oceans and relevant benefits that we all receive from. “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” is this year's theme for World Oceans Day. Let us celebrate it for what it is: Pure Life in all of its forms.


Why do we celebrate World Oceans Day?

We have to remind the world about the great role oceans play in our lives, specially as the lungs of our planet since they generate most of the air we breathe. Other reasons come to mind...

  • To inform public opinion on the consequences that human activity has on oceans.
  • To begin a citizen world movement in favor of oceans.
  • To mobilize and unite world population towards sustainable fishing and administration.
  • Because they are a very important source of food, medicine and resources as well as an elementary part of the biosphere.
  • To celebrate together the beauty, richness and potential of oceans.
  • Because of the bio energy it produces on it's own, it's clean energy we can use. 
  • It's very rich in minerals, natural gas and hydrocarbons.
  • Because they regulate our world's weather.


Oceans contain 97% of the Earth’s water and it’s the home for most of the living beings in the world, let that sink in for a minute.

The World Oceans Day is a relevant one, should we decide to make it so. It’s no surprise to anyone that the healthier our ecosystems become the more biodiversity these present. International governments, organizations and individuals are stepping up to conserve increased volumes of Earth’s oceans, since only 3% of them are legally protected.

Dominican Republic is located in the great Caribbean, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Due to it’s coasts, beaches, dunes, reefs, mangroves, coastal lagoons and great variety of marine life, we consider it to be a blessed spot on Earth. However, we have to care for it. 


It’s a challenge! 
Illegal fishing, marine contamination, habitat and exotic species destruction, climate change and the acidification of the oceans have a negative impact on the seas.

There are laws that ban fishing of certain marine life during their mating seasons, fishermen and the general public must be educated on this manner. The first, to respect the free multiplication of the species while allowing them to understand and get involved in the process and the second to avoid meals with the banned sea life or call out on restaurants who perpetuate this practice. If rationality and organization come to place there will be better and bigger produce to fish, value over quantity is the purpose of it all.

Oceans are the heart of the planet as well. The same way our heartbeats transport our blood flow through the body, our oceans connect people from all over the world no matter where they live. It also regulates weather, feeds millions of people, gives us medicinal properties and many resources. In order to secure the health of our communities and future generations it is dire that we care for our oceans with the proper way it cares for us. Healthy oceans translate into a healthy planet. 


The Federations subscribed to the Dominican Olympic Committee, amongst them FEDOSURF, contribute with the environmental plans to protect oceans and seas, beaches and coastlines. By organizing surf competitions throughout the island as well as try to eliminate invasive species such as Lion Fish, these initiatives are applauded by the Sports and Environment Commission (COD) due to the stability it offers to marine lifestyles. This also works as an invitation for other federations to promote activities with marine preservation purposes.

It is necessary that we contribute to the organization of our coastal zones and help control illegal fishing and other disproportionate actions as well as the transport of wastes into the water. Sport practices that include water as the main element, wether its swimming, diving, swim triatlons, sailing, kayaking, and others, can help promote the healthy initiatives that are taking place specially beach clean ups.


We applaud the conscious seed that is being planted as well as recognize the natural processes, ecosystems and the various species that inhabit the marine floor.

Let us celebrate World Ocean Day every day with a conservationist attitude ... Life's a beach!


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