Friday, November 24, 2017

Upcoming Sosua dive sites clean-up

Healthy reefs sustain a huge variety of biodiversityOn the first Monday of this month, Monday 6 July, local Sosua and Cabarete dive shops will come together again to support the “Clean Up The Ocean Project”.

On all dive trips organized that day, divers will collect garbage from the twenty odd dive sites in and around Sosua, to help keep these beautiful dive spots pristine.



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Closed season for queen conch starting today

Queen conch on a sandy plain - photo credit Community ConchThe queen conch, known as lambi in the Dominican Republic, is a tropical sea snail with a beautiful spirally coiled shell that can grow up to 30 cm (one foot) in length. When walking on the beach from Cabarete to Kite Beach you will have seen the enormous collection of beautiful shells with rose-colored interiors displayed on the main rock.

The mollusk itself is also much prized for its tasty meat and can be found on the menu of most restaurants. Starting today, however, restaurants are not allowed to serve the dish anymore. Nor can fisherman catch the tropical herbivore until the end of the closed season on 31 October.


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Lobster season to start soon again

Typical crab and lobster potsIt’s Sunday morning and while most people are still in bed or enjoying a lazy early Sunday morning breakfast, a fisherman with diving fins and a battered-looking harpoon comes out of the water with that morning’s catch.

He proudly shows off three large good looking lobsters despite the fact that there are still two weeks to go until the yearly fishing ban on spiky crustaceans is lifted.



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Parrot fish to help reverse reef destruction

Healthy reefs sustain a huge variety of biodiversityToday is World Ocean Day, and despite the fact that most people love the ocean, the human race is doing its utmost best to destroy it, with overfishing and using the ocean as a dumping wasteland as two of the most obvious examples in a long list of other misdemeanors.

Especially reef structures around the world have been paying a hefty price, with more than 50% decline in living corals throughout the Caribbean over the past half century. Luckily there are some silver linings to the clouds, and your consumer choices can also help. Read on to know more.

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Dominican sea turtles

Sea turtles are incredibly majestic yet six out of seven types are endangeredOn some days when you’re kiting in the bay of Cabarete you might be forgiven to think that the conservation plight of the sea turtle is not such a dire one as you’ll see loads of these reptiles (contrary to popular belief, turtles are not amphibians) coming up for air.

Unfortunately, six of the seven types of sea turtles in existence are labelled as either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. As today is World Turtle Day we thought it would be a nice idea to highlight these majestic creatures and give some information on conservation efforts.



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