Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Possible rain in next days

Foreseen path of Danny as a tropical depressionAfter months of little to no rainfall the water reserves in the Dominican Republic are critically low. So low, that on 28 July it was reported that Santo Domingo’s fresh water reservoir only had 35 days of water left. In Santiago, the second biggest city on the island, reserves still had enough water for 90 days. It’s not so strange then that many people are hoping that tropical storm Danny will bring some much wanted rain. Danny, which is currently in between Guadeloupe and Dominica continues to move westward but has lost most of its bite in the last 48 hours.  

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Help save water (even if you’re on holiday)

WaterThe Dominican Republic, like other Caribbean islands, has been experiencing very dry weather for the past months, with little to no rainfall in May which is traditionally a very wet month and no relief since then either. Water reserves are at an all-time low and rivers are starting to dry up. In Cabarete we still have enough water to meet our needs, but saving water where ever possible, no matter if you are a visitor or a resident, makes sense as no one knows when the next rains will come. Check out our seven tips to save on your water use while in the Caribbean.



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Calm hurricane season foreseen

Atlantic hurricane outlook for 2015 - credit NOAAThe latest forecast for this year’s hurricane season issued yesterday by the Tropical Meteorology Project highlights that a strong El Niño that is now firmly entrenched in the tropical Pacific. Primarily due to this warm phase of this global cyclical climate phenomenon,  and based on information obtained through previous months the authors predict that “the remainder of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will be much less active than the average 1981-2010 season”.

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The story behind manatees

Manatee at Estero Hondo - photo credit ecoguiadominicana.comManatees, also known as sea cows, are gentle slow-moving ocean dwellers, who stay close to shore and sometimes scare the hell out of watersport lovers when they unexpectedly come close. From the vantage viewpoint of a kitesurfer their form in the water can be described as a formless grey mass which could be anything from a formless shark to a small whale. Enough to make you want to turn around quickly.

Despite dwindling numbers, they have been sighted in both Cabarete and Las Terrenas, and a manatee sanctuary has been set up since the late nineties close to Punta Rucia.

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Hum, hum, hummingbirds

Hummingbird hovering to extract nectar from a flowerHummingbirds are typical new world birds that you’ll see surprisingly often when you come to the Dominican Republic. These colorful little birds flap their wings so fast that the sound is actually audible to humans, which is why they are called hummingbirds.

They can fly right, left, up, down, backwards, and even upside down. They are also able to flap their wings in a figure-eight pattern allowing them to hover so that they can extract nectar from flowers with their long bills. The hummingbird’s feet are used for perching only, and are not used for hopping or walking.

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