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Good, clean and fair food: Slow Food Cabarete / Sosua Convivium

SLOW FOOD RDMy grandmother comes from a field in the mountainous town of Jarabacoa. I don’t recall ever seeing her buying canned goods unless she absolutely had to.

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Arepa King: Home-made Venezuelan Goodies

Arepa King CabareteIn a place where most local food is served with forks, and probably eaten on a plate... Arepas are NOT your basic latin food. 

It started out with 3 chamos (buddies) who just so happen to be cousins: Luis Edgardo, Adrián and Andrés. Some of them and their families had been in the island for the past 6 years but in the case of Andrés he just arrived a few months ago.

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Cabarete tickles the taste buds

Papi'sCabarete has a huge variety of food from all over the world. For a little beach town with one street and a few thousand residents, it is usually a little uncommon to find all this luxury food and all these varieties of them. Cabarete impresses, but you might have to draw a map and go hunting. Step out of the beach bubble and explore the treasures hiding around every corner. The latest addition in town is Fcuk Wok. Yes, it’s ok to ask how to pronounce it.

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High cuisine at Villa Taina

Bar-at-nightNext year January, it will be five years since Chef Luciano Merlino joined Restaurant Serenade at Villa Taina. Recent renovations have given the restaurant and bar a modern look while keeping the rustic original style, and in this beautiful and cozy setting, we had a chat with this multi-talented, flamboyant Italian chef to get more of an insight into the restaurant’s impeccable international cuisine with a Mediterranean touch and his passion for beautiful and tasty dishes.


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Super fruits – 7th edition


Super FruitsThis time we’re focusing on one fruit that smells particularly bad but is reputed to have great medicinal properties, as well as a nut which isn’t really a nut.




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A focus on yuca

Manioc roots, also known as cassava or yucaYuca, spelled with one c and also known as cassava or manioc, is a nutty flavored, starch-tuber, that probably originated from the South-American forests. This starch rich root, which is a great source for calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C, used to be the staple diet of the Taino indians, and is still widely used in Dominican cuisine. It does well on poor soils and with low rainfall, and because it is a perennial it can be harvested as required, making it an ideal crop for low income farmers.



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Refreshing mabi

The bark of the mabi tree is used for the beverageColmados throughout the Dominican Republic stock a not so well-known drink called mavi, sometimes also spelled mabi, be it commercially bottled under the brand Mabi Taino, or as homemade brews in any bottle you can think of. Made from the bark of the mabi tree, also known as soldierwood, this drink is usually both fizzy and fermented. Much loved by Dominicans and other islanders, this drink is said to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and make men more potent.



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Super fruits – 6th edition

Dominican super fruits - 6th editionIn our previous Dominican Super Fruits editions we showed the more well-known fruits that grow in abundance on this island. This time, we’d thought it would be interesting to start uncovering some of the more obscure ones.

Ever wondered what those hairy little red balls were? And can you eat that weird pear-shaped fruit that has cracked open at the bottom revealing three or four shiny black seeds? Read on and you’ll find out!

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City feel nightlife in Cabarete

Leaf - A typical night at LeafA month ago a new beach lounge & restaurant opened in town, which looks and feels totally different from other places in Cabarete. With lounge music drifting from the palm trees on the beach as well as from the wooden roof that has been whitewashed, the grey, white and black colors throughout the place and the solemn green touch of the leaf, Leaf Cabarete has a distinct urban feel to it with a natural earthy touch. And it’s doing good business, with the place being full nearly every day and night. We went to check it out to see why it is so popular.



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Dominican super fruits - 5th edition

Dominican super fruits - 5th editionContinuing with our series on Dominican super fruits, these two entries are amazing for its multiple uses. Enjoy popping some sea grapes in your mouth while lingering in the languid shade of the sea grape tree with the sea lapping at your feet. Or drink a refreshing tamarind juice, a popular drink in the Dominican Republic.



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Veggie and fruit trucks

Vegeman - selection of fruits and veggiesReminiscent of Southern Europe in the 70s and 80s, you’ll notice little beat-up pick-up trucks cruising around populated areas in the Dominican Republic with a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in the back. They’ll usually have specific locations where they’ll stop and people will come to them to shop. Otherwise they tend to cruise around at slow speeds, with a tinny voice croaking out of a loudspeaker highlighting the goodies they sell and anyone can stop the truck to buy as little or as much as they want.

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Dominican super fruits: 4th edition

Dominican super fruitsContinuing our series on Dominican super fruits you’ll find some pretty amazing facts on two absolutely fantastic tasting fruits as well as another one that has been hailed as a possible cure for cancer but with little proof so far and which should not be used too often as it has been linked to Parkinson’s.



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Upcoming Mojito events

Beautiful and tasty drinks at MojitosAnyone who has been to Cabarete will have been at least once to Mojito’s bar, a laid-back juice and sandwich bar right by the beach, which serves a wide choice of juices that are made fresh right there on the spot, a great selection of sandwiches, and of course Mojitos, be it the classical one, the very tasty frozen version “Frojito”, or one made with strawberries, mango or anything else you can think of.


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Try these rums!

Tasty rumsRum, once a disreputable liquor associated with one-eyed pirates and a little later daiquiri-swilling tourists, is emerging as an elegant beverage to be sipped and savored. When going out this weekend, forget about the usual beer or the typical Cuba or Santo Libre. Instead, tickle your taste buds by trying out some of the fantastic rum brands made here in the Dominican Republic.


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Super fruits - 3rd edition

Discover all super fruits from the Dominican RepublicThe Dominican Republic has so many fantastic beautiful tasty fruits that we’ve decided to make a series on them showcasing their health benefits. This is the third edition highlights two very well-known fruits as well as one quite obscure yet very tasty vegetable.




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Looking for delicious falafels?

 Spring is in the air and so is the delightful aroma of the humble chickpea patty, garbanzo bean burger, better known internationally as the falafel. On Monday 9 March, Cabarete’s new star on the culinary map, Flip Flop Falafels (Island Style), launched a soft opening. Free samples have been available this past Friday and Saturday as well.



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Super fruits – 2nd edition

Dominican super fruits

 A few weeks ago we started a brand-new series on Dominican fruits giving you an idea of what's available and how these tasy and amzing fruits can be beneficial to your health. Below are next three entries on the Dominican super healthy fruit list.


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Cacao – the drink of gods

Cacao, the drink of the gods, Cabarete, Dominican RepublicThe Dominican Republic is quite famous for its cacao, which was first brought to the island by the Spaniards. The straight growing narrow trees do extremely well in the rainy hills of the Dominican back country and the country has been steadily increasing its cacao exports over the years to now rank tenth on the list of main cacao producers. Most of it is of mediocre quality aimed at the mass production market of low end chocolate but a small percentage is of extreme fine quality and is used mostly on the European market for high end niche chocolate production.

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Dominican super fruits - part 1

Dominican Super Fruits, CabareteThe Caribbean islands are world famous for beautiful fruits with loads of vitamins and amazing taste, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. To give you an idea of what is available and how these fruits can be beneficial to your health we’ve researched the first three entries of the Dominican super healthy fruit list.



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Play hard with Mamajuana

Mamajuana - the herbal alcoholic beverage of choice in the Dominican Republic


In the Dominican Republic, at the end of nearly every restaurant meal the waiter will offer you a Mamajuana. This typically Dominican concoction is a herbal alcoholic drink that can either be sipped or downed a s a shot. It is said to have all kinds of beneficial health effects and it is often praised as a Dominican liquid Viagra. Some people love it and others hate it but you definitely need to try it at least once.


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Recipe for Ginger Tea – Té de Jengibre

Recipe for Ginger Tea, Cabarete Dominican Republic

Make way for this delicious non-alcoholic typical Dominican Christmas tradition: ginger tea. You can have this drink at any time during the day but it is especially tasty just after rounding off a huge meal surrounded by family and friends!


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Moro de Guandules Christmas Recipe

Dominican Christmas Recipe Moro de GuandulesMoro de Guandules Recipe, originally from Samana, adopted by all Dominicans

Christmas is all about good food and sharing the love with the people most important to you. So this year, instead of going to a restaurant let the cooking prince / princess in you take over and make something extra special with a Caribbean twist: moro de guandules, the staple dish that accompanies all Christmas dinners here in the Dominican Republic. It’s a tasty mix of rice, pigeon peas and coconut milk.

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Breakfast with a Smile! Claro!

Claro Cafe in Cabarete, Dominican RepublicTucked away just off the main street about a hundred meters past Janet’s going out of town you’ll find a very chilled-out little café, which does fantastic breakfasts and easy lunches.  Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 8AM to 2PM, Claro Café offers a range of fresh produce healthy breakfasts and hearty lunches, accompanied by fresh juices or home-brewed coffee.



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Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete

Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete Dominican republic Caribbean"It was always a dream of mine, to have my own surf bar." Juan Carlos Torres (35) was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but was always drawn to the ocean and the surf. Having a natural talent for bartending and good people skills, Juan Carlos slowly built his expertise in the restaurant and bar business. Today, Juan is closing up on the 5th year anniversary for his Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete. A place where you definitely feel the surf, even if you are not a surfer.


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