Friday, November 24, 2017

Mojito Bar Goes Extreme!

Mojito Bar CabareteMojito Bar Cabarete has become a dear and familiar addition to the Cabarete community throughout the last 4 years. Starting up as “Algo Differente”, in a tiny little beach hut outside of the former all-inclusive hotel Tropical Clubs gave them the chance to introduce their Italian concept of fresh fruit juices and sandwiches.

Back then there were no tables or chairs to sit on, and no real kitchen to speak of. Step by step the little hole in wall grew up and is today located between Onno’s Bar and Havana Club (former Bamboo). From Algo Differente to Mojito Bar, the downtown restaurant is now called Mojito Moments and the situation has changed drastically. Owners Franco ….. and Sonia Parlato are excited to break the news of another Mojito Bar in the making. Mojito Bar Extreme is ready to bring new life to the Kite Beach restaurants, with maybe the healthiest menu in the area.

“It is getting more and more important to put attention towards the ingredients in our food, and we do notice more people asking for special items, like gluten free bread. We have prepared our kitchen with a gluten-free zone, where we will be preparing all gluten free food separately from the rest. We have also installed a separate oven for all gluten-free food, making sure our customers receive the best products that we can possibly offer. Clean, sterilized, organized and healthy! We focus on having options for everyone and we are expanding our juice menu to include vegetable smoothies as well as fruit smoothies”, says owner Franco.

Franco and Sonia are dedicated to the community and have connected to local businesses and charities to participate in the sustainability in the community. Mojito Bar Extreme and Mojito Moments both work closely with the local charity organization “The DREAM Project” (Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring Project), assisting on improving the future for the local children. Their vegetable and fruit items are based on products from the local farms, always giving the Mojito customers the freshest and most tasty options.

“It is very important to us to take part in the community”, says Sonia Parlato. “Opening at Extreme Hotel gives us the opportunity to expand our horizon and build bridges with a bigger part of the community. Extreme has a wonderful cooperation between several businesses, like the Kaicetos Circus, Rogue Fitness and GoKite Kiteschool, to mention some. It’s a hub for activities and we are happy to be a part of it”.

Kite Beach is one of the most active beaches in the Dominican Republic and is famous for the amazing wind conditions, making it one of the best kite beaches in the world. It’s a daytime location and goes pretty quiet at night. Mojito Bar Extreme operates from 9.30 in the morning until 7.30 at night, due to its tranquility at night. Kite Beach is located about 2 kilometers outside of Cabarete, towards Puerto Plata and is a beautiful location to visit if even just for kicking back to watch the kiters on the water.

Mojito Extreme opens on November 3rd, and Franco and Sonia shared some of the surprises on the new Extreme menu:

“It’s the first time we will be serving breakfast on our menu and we are excited about this expansion. Our menu is not big, but we have put a lot of effort in to giving our customers top of the line dishes with genuine ingredients. For example; our English breakfast comes with beans in tomato sauce, our Italian breakfast comes with the typically Italian “cornetto”, just like a French breakfast is served with a nice croissant. And we are strict on serving the right type of coffee with the right breakfast”, Franco tells us with a smile.

Main Menu:
“Our menu is still the familiar menu from our Mojito Moments , with a little twist to fit the KiteBeach environment. Our menu will still offer all our familiar sandwiches and salads, but we are expanding the salad menu to include dishes with shrimp or lobster. All our dishes are prepared fresh as we get the orders. Nothing is pre-made, which is important to us so the customer to receives the very best that we can produce. This might increase the serving time with a few minutes, but we hope our customers appreciate this to enjoy the freshest possible food from us”, Franco says.

“All our juices are on the menu, with an additional few to provide as much energy as we can to the sports people at Kite Beach. Our selection is seasonal with the fruit and veggies of the moment. Some of the new ingredients will be tomato, celery, cucumber and carrots, mixed in any preferred way for the client. And finally we can offer Ice Tea! Tasty ice tea with fresh herbs to cool you down and drench that thirst from hot Caribbean days on the water!” 

“We have never served dessert at Mojito Moment, but we are starting now! With the new and big kitchen available to us, we will be offering several sweet and tasty desserts. There will be ice cream of course, with limonchello, Grand Marnier, chocolate sauce, rum, orange and more. The banana split is of course with us, and so is the crepe! Proper crepe with tasty good topping to go with it!”
Franco and Sonia are excited to open their new establishment and  welcome their guests to tasty days in the cool breeze at Kite Beach Cabarete.

“Our philosophy is to take care of our clients’ health and taste, always with a smile!” the two happy owners share.

“Welcome to Mojito Extreme!”

Visit the Mojito Bar Website here and their Facebook Page here

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