Friday, November 24, 2017

Moringa prevents aging!

Moringa Pita Chips by KikaboniHealthy living is on people's minds not only in Cabarete, but around the world these days. We are being bombarded with health tips and facts about what we should eat or not eat, which by all means is for our own good. One of the latest health trends in Cabarete is the Moringa. Some call it a miracle, others call it good science. This plant has taken the world by storm. It's been around for a long time, but only lately has it hit the stores in various shapes and forms. Moringa chips, for example! It is yummy and it is healthy. So what is it, other than good for us? And why is everyone talking about it?

Arturo and Gian Luis Pereyra KikaboniTwo young guys brought this to our attention. The 21 and 24 year old brothers Gian Luis and Arturo Pereyra grew up learning about healthy food and living, and are today sharing their knowledge and passion with the public. Few months ago the brothers introduced the new company Kikaboni, an innovative healthy snacks brand, to the Dominican health food scene. As they are based in Cabarete, both being surfers, the products are available in various supermarkets and stores around town. You can also find this amazing product on some other locations in the country (visit for more information).

So what is the miracle herb all about... Antioxidants and anti-aging! Without doubt something that concerns us all. The moringa leaf is packed with goodies to protect you and your body. In particular, the moringa leaf will help slow down the aging process. Due to the powerful antioxidant Zeatin, the aging process directly slows down by speeding up the replacement of dead cells and strengthening healthy cell regeneration. n addition, it is understood that Zeatinheightens the ability of other antioxidants to fight free radicals.  Moringa Leafs have several thousand times more Zeatin than any other vegetable source.

Moringa grows quickly in many types of environments, which makes it a welcome addition to the tropical climate. Many farmers have started using moringa to increase the immune system of their cattle, and to increase their weight and production of milk. The results are remarkable and are now being introduced by governments in poverty stricken countries to increase production, sales and distribution.

Moringa oleifera silviculture is being promoted as a means to combat poverty and malnutrition.

As far as we know, everyone wants to stay young and healthy, so check out this list of places to buy the moringa products from Kikaboni.

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