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Cabarete tickles the taste buds

Papi'sCabarete has a huge variety of food from all over the world. For a little beach town with one street and a few thousand residents, it is usually a little uncommon to find all this luxury food and all these varieties of them. Cabarete impresses, but you might have to draw a map and go hunting. Step out of the beach bubble and explore the treasures hiding around every corner. The latest addition in town is Fcuk Wok. Yes, it’s ok to ask how to pronounce it.

Your treasure hunt will bring you to all the different cultures from all over the world. The Germans have for a long time been settled with wienersnitzels and bratwursts and potato pancakes. The Chinese have of course been here since the very beginning, since every town needs a Chinese place, according to the myths. Africa, Middle East, Europe and the US are all represented. Even Canada has brought in their famous Poutine. The Dominican Republic has stepped up to the plate and opened the hot and trendy vegan lunch bar Clorofila Cabarete, where your body will thank you after a delicious and creative meal in local village ambiance. These are, of course, only tapping the top of the iceberg. The absolute opposite to the rich and creamy Lobster a la Papi down at the beach. Casita de Papi has earned its status of being one of Cabarete’s genuine and original gourmet places, started by Papi and finally recommended by Glenn Close to her hairdresser Martial Corneville, who jumped on the Cabarete train and today has brought this Cabarete gem to the capital of Santo Domingo as well. Papi’s is Cabarete culture and known to be a set item on the to-do-list while in town.

Papi's  Clorofila

The variety of food is already noticeable along the beach strip, but that is not necessarily where you can find the best ones. Move a little further up along the main road and you will find some of the most popular hotspots for lunch and dinner. There is one spot in particular, that has created a new and popular routine for the residents and bringing the tourists in with them: The Ocean Dream Plaza Food Court. Four restaurants lined up, and they are all very different. The concepts are in particular made for healthy, but quick eating, with friends.

The first lined up on the corner is Gorditos, offering the typical Mexican burritos and taco dishes. Inspired by local residents and food preferences, this friendly establishment has earned its reputation and popularity.


Just hop on through the next door to Flip Flop Falafel for a swing by the Middle East. Not everyone had any clue what a falafel was when this reasonably new place opened up their doors, but found its place in the melting pot of food and flavors very quickly. Flip Flop Falafel specializes in, well yes falafel, but also offers the juicy Gyro Sandwich.

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Flip Flop Falafel  Flip Flop Falafel

Continue down the strip and peak in through the next door that takes you to Asia! Most visitors to Cabarete raise their eyebrows knowing that this town provides a more than average level of Sushi! The expectations are usually not too high until the first tasty piece of fresh fish accompanied by deliciousness of all kinds in a legit atmosphere. And yes, they do have Sake. The Yamazato Sushi Restaurant often calls for a little fancier sit-down dinners with friends and family, under the soothing sound of the sprinkling fountain surrounded by: of course bamboo.  

Yamazato  Yamazato

Fcuk Wok is the name of the new restaurant that just landed on the popular food corner in Cabarete.
They serve noodles with a variety of wok-ed meats or vegies along with it. The concept is dedicated to making good and affordable food for active people and have added a helpful nutritional chart to keep your attention fueling the important needs of your body. Cabarete is known to be the adventure sports capital of the Caribbean and calls for making food one of the most important parts of your every day living.

Fcuk Wok  Fcuk Wok  Fcuk Wok

Name-wise, the new establishment has fueled the small-town talk and become the center of many discussions. So how does one pronounce this name? Yes, you are completely right, and it does trigger some reactions. But respectfully enough, when the phone rings, the response is: Welcome to F-C-U-K Wok, How may I help you? Spell it out and move on to the tasty home made Orange Chicken with a side of veggie empanadas and Yuca Balls. Most of the dishes are original Fcuk Wok recipes and home made. Right down to the home made soy sauce and garden vegetable dip to cover your little side treats.

Fcuk Wok aims at bringing new ways of making food fun and creative through a direct approach marketing strategy and modern interactive tools. Until then, if you ever saw this guy parading the beach, it’s because he is the great Fcuk Wok mascot. There is no way he will not make you smile.

Fcuk Wok

Buen Provecho!

Hit the streets, conquer the treasures of Food-Cabarete.


Photos by Clorofilo, Yamazato, Gorditos, Hege Holt, Leo Kapellan, copyright 2015


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