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Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair 2016

Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair Dominican RepublicThis past weekend Fresh Fresh Cafe welcomed the second annual Wellness Fair hosted by the Cabarete Health Coalition. There were more nearly 20 holistic health practitioners and businesses there to share their knowledge of health and wellness with the public who passed through. There were demonstrations, body treatments, and yummy healthy treats offered to those looking to learn more about these services that are being offered in our town. There was a docket of TedX style talks held throughout the day to share health tips, insights and motivation with anyone who cared to grab a seat- and the speakers were more than happy to chat afterwards and answer any of the audience’s questions.

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Magic aloe vera?

All the goodness of aloe veraAloe vera has been in use for over thousands of years with apparently Cleopatra applying it to get her well-famed great complexion and ancient Chinese and Egyptians using aloe vera to treat burns, wounds, and reduce fever. Legend even has it that Alexander the Great, upon Aristotle’s advice, secured extensive supplies of aloe vera to treat wounded soldiers. But is there any truth in the reported benefits of this spiky succulent which can be found in abundance on the tropical island of Hispaniola?



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Do’s and don’ts of sunscreen

Sunscreen productsCabarete, located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, is one of those lucky places where it’s nearly always sunny, which is one of the obvious reasons why people come to visit this little piece of paradise.

But sunshine comes with risks and there are no excuses for not using sunscreen. But is the sunscreen you are using any good? What does SPF mean precisely and are all ingredients in the cream strictly necessary?




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Add life to your water

It is not recommended to drink the water coming from the tap in the Dominican Republic.

It is not recommended to drink the water coming from the tap in the Dominican Republic. Especially after heavy rains the water that will come out of the public water supply will be slightly muddy and not particularly appetizing.

Most hotels and apartment buildings in Cabarete have a water filter installed at the main entrance of their water pipe which filters out the bigger particles such as sand but it doesn’t filter out small particles. Also most projects will have a water cistern to ensure 24/24h water service, which means the water is likely to have traces of chlorine, which is added to cisterns to counter algae growth.

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How to cure your hangover

Why not enjoyTonight it’s time to party and not any kind of party either. The New Year should be celebrated in style and a number of tasty cocktails will most likely be on the menu before the count down. At the stroke of midnight, what better way to hail the new year but with a glass of bubbly goodness? And after that, when the beats are pumping and everyone is dancing a few ice-cold beers will do the trick to cool you down.

Of course the next day chances are you won’t be feeling that good. Below are a couple of rules to prevent the worst of a hangover after a big night out and should the hangover monster come knocking on your door then we’ve also added the best tropical hangover recipe we know of. 

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How Dangerous is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya mosquito photoUp until a few months ago, Chikungunya [chik-en-gun-ye] was not only a hard name to pronounce; it was a word that most people in the Dominican Republic had never heard of. As this mosquito-borne viral disease is spreading throughout the country, local doctors and health departments stress the fact that under normal circumstances Chikungunya is not a lethal disease. However, Chikungunya patients will experience some mild to strong discomfort for a specific period of time, and vulnereable individulas such as infants and older people will need to be monitored. 

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Natural ways to battle Dominican mosquitoes

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Life in and around Cabarete holds the privileged of being surrounded by palm trees reaching towards the sunny blue sky, picturesque beaches with pristine waters and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And then there are the mosquitoes…

Like anywhere in the tropics these little creatures are a matter that people, some more than others, have to deal with. Apart from causing itchy bites, mosquitos are responsible for transmitting diseases like for instance Dengue Fever, so it is recommended to protect oneself from getting bitten.

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CACAO: Lowers Your Blood Pressure!

Cacao fruit in Cabarete Dominican RepublicYou’ve probably already heard that dark chocolate is good for you. Well it is. More specifically, it’s the cacao in the dark chocolate that is good for you, especially suitable for lowering high blood pressure, according to a fresh study from the University of Adelaide.

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