Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to cure your hangover

Why not enjoyTonight it’s time to party and not any kind of party either. The New Year should be celebrated in style and a number of tasty cocktails will most likely be on the menu before the count down. At the stroke of midnight, what better way to hail the new year but with a glass of bubbly goodness? And after that, when the beats are pumping and everyone is dancing a few ice-cold beers will do the trick to cool you down.

Of course the next day chances are you won’t be feeling that good. Below are a couple of rules to prevent the worst of a hangover after a big night out and should the hangover monster come knocking on your door then we’ve also added the best tropical hangover recipe we know of. 

Avoid the bubbly stuffRule number 1 – the only way is up
When drinking, don’t go down in alcohol percentage. This means you can start off the night with a beer, followed by a glass of wine and then a cocktail. Not the other way around.

Rule number 2 – water is your best friend
Have some water, preferably soda water, in between
alcoholic drinks. At the end of the night have another one, and before going to bed drink even water. This will help
rehydrate your body as alcohol, despite it being a fluid, actually dehydrates you, and one of the reasons for that pounding headache in the morning is dehydration.

water hydrates youRule number 3 – don’t touch the evil stuff
Most people reading this will have had a bad hangover at least once in their lives. Don’t drink whatever you had then. If you know tequilas make you feel like there is a Mexican mariachi band inside your head for the next two days, don’t touch the stuff.

Rule number 4 – dance ‘till you drop
Apart from it being a lot of fun, dancing will help you burn the alcoholic nastiness inside your body. So don’t be shy and show off your dancing moves.

Rule number 5 – eat greasy food
This is the time you really don’t need to feel guilty about eating greasy stuff. Prepare your stomach for the night out by eating a good quantity of tasty greasy food before going out. The grease will help absorb the alcohol and will line your stomach for the night out. Best thing to do before you come home is to have an early morning kebab or other midnight snack alternative.

And in the morning, should you not feel too hot then this breakfast for champions is sure to make you feel better.

Eggs and Sweet Potatoes against HangoverFried egg and sweet potato wedges

* Two average-sized sweet potatoes
* One tea spoon of paprika
* One tea spoon of cumin
* One egg
* Two table spoons of olive oil
* Salt to taste

1. Begin by pre-heating your oven to 180C/gas four.
2. Slice your sweet potatoes into uniformly shaped wedges – this will ensure they cook evenly.
3. Add your wedges to a mixing bowl with one table spoon olive oil, one tea spoon paprika and one tea spoon cumin. Season with salt according to taste. Mix all the ingredients until the sweet potatoes are evenly coated.
4. If you have some, put some parchment paper down on to the grill rack – this is good because it ensures that the wedges get extra crispy. It makes quite a difference.
5. Lay the sweet potatoes on the rack (on the parchment paper if it’s there) with space left between them – again, to ensure crispiness.
6. Put them in the oven for 30 minutes. Don’t check on them before time because this will let the heat out.
7. If they are nicely browned after 30 minutes, turn the oven off but leave them in there to stay warm. If not, leave the oven on until browned and crisp.
8. Heat one table spoon olive oil in a frying pan over a medium to high heat on the hob.
9. To get the perfect egg – solid whites with a runny yolk – make sure the oil is simmering and when .it is, crack the egg into the pan.
10. Cook the egg for around a minute and a half – until the whites are solid.
11. Remove the wedges from the oven and plate up with the egg.



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