Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair 2016

Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair Dominican RepublicThis past weekend Fresh Fresh Cafe welcomed the second annual Wellness Fair hosted by the Cabarete Health Coalition. There were more nearly 20 holistic health practitioners and businesses there to share their knowledge of health and wellness with the public who passed through. There were demonstrations, body treatments, and yummy healthy treats offered to those looking to learn more about these services that are being offered in our town. There was a docket of TedX style talks held throughout the day to share health tips, insights and motivation with anyone who cared to grab a seat- and the speakers were more than happy to chat afterwards and answer any of the audience’s questions.

A raffle was held with donations from local businesses and proceeds going to Journey Into Hope, an organization in Sabaneta that helps impoverished families however it is possible. The practitioners who set up tables to show what they have to offer included massage therapists of various training styles, yoga teachers and meditation instructors, a health spa, an herbalist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a naturopathic doctor, a nutritionist and wellness coach, life & spirit coaches, reiki practitioners, a body, mind and ocean coach, a neuropractor, handmade natural beauty product creators, a ceramic water purifier vendor and a honey company! A pretty diverse crowd.  All in all the event was very much a success with many smiling faces and loads of new connections made.However, one thing kept being heard from the crowd- “there seems to be a lot of redundancy here, what makes all you folks ‘holistic health practitioners? What does that even mean?”

Cabarete Health & Wellness FairCabarete Health & Wellness FairCabarete Health & Wellness Fair

Holism’s frequent association with healthy eating and alternative medicine has almost made it synonymous with hippie, but that's a bastardization of a timely and increasingly valuable concept. In it’s most effective form, the concept relates back to the word ‘wholism’ and the idea that each natural system (the human included) is so much more than the sum or separation of its parts. Holistic practitioners look at not only the human body but the human spirit, as well as all of the lifestyle and environmental factors that are contributing to one unique individual’s state of being.

If all of humanity were able to understand this approach in the context of their own body, the hope is that this might inspire those same people to find applications in other areas of significant need for our continued civilization- including the environment, poverty and communication. Applications which are all too timely in the greater community of Cabarete and the Dominican Republic as a whole.

A healthy community reflects a sense of mental and physical well being and is the foundation for achieving all other goals. Good health is often taken for granted but is essential for a productive society. We are so happy that more and more these products and services are being offered in our community and can’t wait for more of these communal grassroots events to take place! We challenge you to reach out to the Cabarete Health Coalition and see how they might be able to help you or the community at large with a health challenge you are facing, after all, they are here to help.

Photos by: Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair 2016/Ariel Richards

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