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Health safety advice for the Dominican Republic

Health safety advice for the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a very safe destination. Apart from relatively mild forms of Chikungunya, a mosquito transmitted disease, the north coast of the island is currently free of infectious diseases.



Precautions to take before leaving
No vaccinations are required for a trip to the island, although it is definitely recommended that all your vaccine shots are up to date. If you have not been vaccinated for Hepatitis A, it is advisable to get this vaccine.

It is possible to buy all kinds of medicines in the Dominican Republic, but most of the time the brands will be different from the ones you are used to. If you use any specific medication it is recommended that you bring what you need with you.

Health safetyl advice for the Dominican RepublicMosquitoes, apart from being a nuisance, can transmit all kinds of diseases, including Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Malaria. Although the North Coast is currently free of Dengue and Malaria it is best to avoid mosquito bites. Be sure to pack some long-sleeve shirts as well as full length pants to wear at sunset when mosquitoes are most active.

Those who are much liked by mosquitoes might also want to take mosquito repellants with them. A wide selection of mosquito sprays as well as more natural anti-mosquito products can be bought here.

The sun is quite strong in the Caribbean, especially on or close to the water. Be sure to bring strong sunscreen as well as good sunglasses. If you don’t manage to bring sunscreen you’ll be able to find a good selection of sunblocks at the various surf shops.

Fun in the sun, only with sunscreen. Cabarete, Dominican Republic.Once you are here
It is not recommended to drink the water from the tap. Bottled water is widely available and can be bought from all shops, including colmados (local corner shops) and petrol stations. Most hotels and apartment rentals provide bottled water in the rooms. For longer stays be sure to drink mineral water from time to time to replenish your mineral levels.

Ice cubes are perfectly safe at restaurants, bars and even at fruit shake stands as everyone buys ice made from bottled water.

Salads and fruits at restaurants are usually safe as well. When you buy fruit from a fruit stand be sure to wash it first before eating.

Mayonnaise at restaurants is safe as Dominican mayonnaise is made in such a way that it does not need refrigerating. Do check the bottle before using to make sure its contents are relatively fresh. Those who like mayonnaise as served in Europe might need some time to get used to the taste of the Dominican version.

What to do if you do fall ill
For minor stomach afflictions a visit to the pharmacy should be enough. In touristic places the pharmaceutical staff should be able to speak a few words of English. Be aware, however, that a lot of prescription medication can be bought over the counter, so read the label.

In case you do need to go to a doctor, the Dominican Republic boasts a relatively good health care system. Travel insurance is highly recommended as health services are not cheap.


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