Saturday, November 18, 2017

Natural ways to battle Dominican mosquitoes

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Life in and around Cabarete holds the privileged of being surrounded by palm trees reaching towards the sunny blue sky, picturesque beaches with pristine waters and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And then there are the mosquitoes…

Like anywhere in the tropics these little creatures are a matter that people, some more than others, have to deal with. Apart from causing itchy bites, mosquitos are responsible for transmitting diseases like for instance Dengue Fever, so it is recommended to protect oneself from getting bitten.

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Lifestyle Cabarete HealthWelcome to Lifestyle Cabarete Health. Living in Cabarete makes us all younger! With all the fun activities and good food, staying healthy is easier than anywhere else. People seem to be genuinely into staying young and healthy through good food and lots of physical activities.

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CACAO: Lowers Your Blood Pressure!

Cacao fruit in Cabarete Dominican RepublicYou’ve probably already heard that dark chocolate is good for you. Well it is. More specifically, it’s the cacao in the dark chocolate that is good for you, especially suitable for lowering high blood pressure, according to a fresh study from the University of Adelaide.

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COCONUT WATER: Fact or myth?

coconut water fact or mythThe Dominicans are convinced that coconut water beats any other drink out there. The rumor has it that it cures 99 diseases, cleans your kidneys, balances the metabolism and rehydrates better than anything. Is it true? Or is it a myth... Madonna, Rihanna and several other health-consious celebrities seem to think that it is true and reportedly invested millions in to the leading coconut water company Vita Coco. According to studies, coconut water definitely has somehting to it, other than being the most trendy drink on the market. If it is a miracle drink... depends on how one look at it.

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