Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sexy bikinis and surfer hairdos

Bianca Forzano modeling her own bikini, hair done by SarahVancouver-based hair stylist Sarah Braim and bikini designer Bianca Forzano, who currently lives and works in Cabarete, put their heads together and created a beautiful photoshoot at La Boca. Easy surf girl hairstyles and chic ocean style bikinis. Check out this summer’s hot looks!




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Sport bikinis for you

Sports bikinis rock!

So you’ve decided to come to Cabarete for a couple of weeks to learn how to kite or surf, or both. Or you came here a while ago and somehow ended up staying much longer than your foreseen departure date. Both situations have at least one thing in common: the ladies in question both need a good sports bikini. It’s no fun showing off your latest kite trick, messing it up (which is bound to happen at one stage or another and there is definitely no shame in that) and then finding after an intense crash that your bikini bottom is somewhere around your knees and your bikini top has totally disappeared.


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Choose the right sunglasses

Protect your eyes with sunglasses


Cabarete has more sunny days than most other places in the world so a good pair of sunglasses becomes a bit of a necessity when you are here. Find out more about how you can effectively protect your eyes from UV rays and ensure good vision in bright conditions.


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Last minute Christmas presents when in Cabarete

Christmas presents when in Cabarete DOminican Republic



Christmas is looming around the corner and if you haven’t had the time, desire or inspiration to do any of the obligatory shopping so far then the list below may be of help.



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Xmas Shopping: Last minute ideas

Christmas Present


With only a few days left before the Christmas Bells start ringing, not all of us have finished the shopping list and could use some good tips on what to buy last minute. There are so many treasures hidden in Cabarete, that you shall not ever worry; Anything is possible in Cabarete. Have a look at some of the ideas we have picked up through the grapevine.


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Caribbean X-Mas Market at Villa Taina

Hotel Villa Taina CabareteBazaars and markets have become popular in Cabarete the past years, with local vendors providing their arts and products to the public on a regular basis. Hotel Villa Taina is now joining the trend and invites to a Caribbean Christmas Market this weekend. Sunday December 15th is the day for the first ever Caribbean Christmas Market at Villa Taina, which both vendors and organizers are hoping will be a regular event in Cabarete.

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Made in Cabarete Bazaar

Made in Cabarete BazaarFor the seventh time this year, local handcrafters came together at Emerald Beach Club to be part of the “Made in Cabarete Bazaar last Saturday”, a monthly event that gathers independent creators and artists from the Cabarete area and unites the community in a fun, laid-back afternoon.
The Made in Cabarete Bazaar emerged as local crafters were looking for a way to promote their products.

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Larimar: the Caribbean’s blue Gem…. And THE Atlantis Stone ?

Barahona Coast Larimar Dominican RepublicBeautiful, ocean-blue Larimar is only sourced from Baoruco, located in the south part of the Dominican Republic, making it a most rare Pectolite gemstone. A famous American psychic Edgar Cayce is said to link that stone to the legendary lost land of Atlantis…
Also, all the metaphysical experts claim Larimar is one of the best healing stones to be had…
Regardless, whether one believes in the gem’s unique history, or its special powers, Larimar makes a delightful, durable and most attractive jewelry stone!

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