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Sexy bikinis and surfer hairdos

Bianca Forzano modeling her own bikini, hair done by SarahVancouver-based hair stylist Sarah Braim and bikini designer Bianca Forzano, who currently lives and works in Cabarete, put their heads together and created a beautiful photoshoot at La Boca. Easy surf girl hairstyles and chic ocean style bikinis. Check out this summer’s hot looks!




Bianca at the photoshoot, hair done by SarahSurfer hairdos…
When asked how to describe a surfer hairstyle, Sarah smiles and says that most girls in Cabarete have the style nailed already. She describes it as a 60s – 70s style, with different blends of hair colors and textures, which naturally arise when people spend a lot of time on the beach.

… with a city twist
“I currently live in Vancouver, which has a pretty mild climate with real summers, and has miles and miles of sandy beaches”, Sarah explains. “But as Vancouver is also a city, people there go for more polished looks and I think it’s great to tie the two together, which is what I did in this photoshoot.”

The bikini
The bikini top and bottom used in the photoshoot are from Bianca’s mix and match collection, her personal favorite. “For me the combination of the capri bottom and the positano top is the best because it fits my body type the best and makes me look fantastic”, Bianca explains. “I love kiting and surfing, and apart from the fact that this bikini looks good, it also stays on even when a wave rips you off the board or you faceplant after missing a trick.”

100% made in Italy
All of Bianca’s bikinis are made in the South of Italy in the area of Napoli in a small factory that employs about twelve ladies. The material and design are also Italian, just like Bianca herself. “It’s a matter of wanting to support my country”, Bianca underlines. “I started off by making the bikinis myself but when I couldn’t fulfil the demand anymore I started looking for a factory and choosing one that is located in my region is a matter of personal pride.”

Bianca modeling her own bikini, hair done by SarahClose up of bikini
The photoshoot idea
The idea behind the photoshoot was Sarah’s who wanted to create a triple photoshoot of surfer hair styles in different locations, one with a blond girl, one with a brunette and one with a redhead. The theme dominating all three photoshoots would be “girl surfer hair styles and good-looking bikinis”. Wanting to support local businesses where the photoshoots were taken, Sarah teamed up with bathing suit designer Anna Kosturova and jewelry designer Leah Alexandra for the two photoshoots in Vancouver, and with Bianca for the shoot in Cabarete.

The result
“I’m super happy with the result,” Sarah beams. “These kind of shoots always turn out different from what I’ve got in mind because of unforeseen things, like sea mist or strong winds, but usually these phenomena make these types of hairstyles even better and more natural looking.”
Sarah and Bianca after the shootBianca modeling her own bikini, hair done by Sarah

The House of Blond in VancouverHair stylist Sarah
Specialized in corrective hair work and owner of the House of Blond, Sarah has built up her clientele around the fact that she is good at helping people repair their damaged hair, taking into account their lifestyles and budgets. “I like to teach people how to take better care of their hair and which tools they need for their hair type, considering the condition it is in”, Sarah explains. “There are a great many products out there but if you don’t know how to use them then it’s like buying an expensive roast without knowing how to cook it; you might as well go to McDonald’s instead.”
Hair style created at the House of Blond in VancouverThe House of Blond in Vancouver 
Fashionable watersport bikini designer Bianca
A self-described passionate ocean girl, Bianca set up Bianca Bikinis four years ago and has been designing bikinis with specifically the watersport woman in mind. “I want to create bikinis that are comfortable, keep you covered while you do your watersports and at the same time look good.” She changes her collection every year and her designs are usually a bit cheeky, combining functionality with sexiness. Bianca makes a point of making her bikinis reversible so people can get creative with colors according to their moods.
Kiteboarder Susi Mai kiting with a Bianca BikiniTatiana Howard from Butterfly Effect showing off a Bianca Bikini at Laguna Dudu
Backdrop Cabarete
Sarah came to Cabarete through pure chance. “I read a lot of good things about Cabarete and thought I’d give it a try”, Sarah points out. “Through Instagram I got in touch with Bianca and we decided to do this shoot together which was a great excuse for me to come over.” “My experience in Cabarete has been great. People are super nice and I really like the fact that here there are separate beaches for everything: one for surfing, one for kiting, one for chilling, you name it! I’m definitely coming back.”

Bianca came to Cabarete five years ago and never left. She loves the place for everything it has to offer: the weather, the beaches, the wind, the ocean but most of all the people. “I love the vibe here! The community is really special and that goes as much for the locals as for the foreigners,” Bianca smiles. Every summer Bianca goes back to Italy to finalize her collection and to organize the KB4girls annual kite camp in Gizzeria.
Sarah and Bianca after the shoot

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