Monday, December 18, 2017

The MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle is here!

MaiTai Global Susi Mai Bill Tai Cabarete Event KiteboardingWe’re only a few days away from the biggest kiteboarding event in the Dominican Republic and in the kiteboarding community. Sponsored by Breathometer, Clean Ocean Project Org, Millenium Hotel, Skycatch, OWC, Soloshot and MaiTai Global, the Mai Tai Cabarete Freestyle is here!



Starting at Millennium Hotel in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, from 12th of july ‘til the 17th the date is set for the world’s best freestyle kiteboarding event. Susi Mai, pro athlete and one of the founders for MaiTai Global, is presenting the World Kiteboarding League - Clean Ocean Project Tour. On this occasion, the worlds top 30 male and 12 female riders will push their boundaries for the Clean Ocean Projects Championships.

The Clean Ocean Project was founded in 2000 on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, as an NGO. Since then it continues to live with a very important function: to raise awareness and to take action to protect the ocean. Specially  due to the endangerment of species and to avoid water pollution. Kite boarders and other watermen are connected to the ocean and carry a responsibility to it.

First stop: 

Through working with the KRU (Kiteboarding Riders Union) and with the support of MaiTai Global, having Cabarete as the first stop signifies an important place for the north coast in the hearts of kiters, as well as a relevant mark in the start of a new World Tour. 

The 2016 Clean Ocean Project Championship Tour is now the first of it’s kind organized by World Kiteboarding League. In this event famous and talented riders give their best out in the water. Get ready for the action!

Currently the League plans to organize 8-10 stops per year, all around the world. At the end of each, a winner will be crowned. This being the only official pro kiteboarding tour, it’s not affiliated with any associations. 

Other stops have yet to be confirmed, but so far the Egypt Kiteboarding Freestyle, the Tarifa Freestyle & Big Air and the New Caledonia Freestyle have been mentioned as the main targets.

About the competition:

With a change in the system, rider’s will have to be more competitive to demonstrate who’s the best. In the participants, we have big time performers like Liam Whaley, Carlos Mario, Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya, Paula Novotna, and local talent Ariel Corniel, just to name a few.

The tour has 2 disciplines available: Big Air and Freestyle.

MaiTai Global Susi Mai Bill Tai Cabarete Event KiteboardingWhat is the World Kiteboarding League (WKL)?

Providing a framework for kiteboarding events on a world scale, the league represents the ultimate vanguard in kiteboarding and it’s athletes as they compete in international events.

Crowd funding:

To help fund the first ever World Kiteboarding League event MaiTai Global has set up a crowd funding campaign for the launch of the WKL inaugural freestyle competition in Cabarete, July 16! If you’d like to donate, share the love here! 

Also feel free to follow up on updates of the event in their social media outlets and webpage:


Instagram: Worldkiteboardingleague



MaiTai Global Susi Mai Bill Tai Cabarete Event KiteboardingMaiTai Global Susi Mai Bill Tai Cabarete Event Kiteboarding

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