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Lou Marin - 14 and A Kiter to Watch

Lou kiteboarding“This is my very first interview!” says Lou Marin, kiteboarder, slightly giddy at the prospect. Her eyes beam the same shade of blue as the painting behind her: a perfect wave at its crest, threatening to curl.

Marin is a motivated, up-and-coming kiter to watch. Taking 2nd in the women’s division in Cabarete’s Big Air comp, the 14-year old athlete is readying to compete in February’s Master’s of the Ocean at Playa Encuentro.


Originally from France, Marin’s parents first came to Cabarete to windsurf; soon, they were coming back for more. When Marin was just two weeks old, her family came to Cabarete to stay. Mom opened a local boutique, and Dad took up kite surfing. By age 12, Marin, too, was a kiter.

“Oh, there are so many things I love about kiting,” she says, smiling at the sound of her favorite topic. “I love the feeling of going and coming back and being dragged by the wind. It’s fun,” she declares, with a laugh.

Lou kiteboarding  Lou kiteboarding

And yet, her first encounters in the water made her wonder if kiting was her thing. “We live on the beach, and I’d always see people kiting in front of our place. I definitely wanted to try,” says Marin. “Eventually I got scared, though, because I did a bad maneuver and landed on the beach. I stopped for almost 6 months, “ she recalls, “but I kept watching everyone else do it.”

She smiles. “I was ready to try again.”

From her parent’s enthusiasm for their daughter’s new passion, to friends who push her farther, and higher, Marin appreciates the positive support.

Lou kiteboarding  Lou kiteboarding

One of those friends is fellow kiter Suami Cavallo, who’s become a dear friend and source of inspiration. “I heard Suami kited, and we decided to meet,” says Marin. “I did my first comp with Suami, and we had so much fun. I love her,” she declares. “She’s always so happy!”

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“And my best friends are from England, Joe and Lulu, and they come here on vacation to kite. I learn a lot from them.”

Weekend mornings are for surfing with her family, while afternoons--wind time--are all about kiting. Marin enjoys crossfit as well, an essential part of her “get fit for kiting” regimen.

Lou surfing

Rest Days are virtually non-existent--“I like to move,” says Marin--but hanging out with friends works its way into the mix, as does a fresh, healthy diet. “There are so many great fruits in the Dominican Republic,” says Marin, happy to call the DR home. “And I eat my veggies too.”

Like all sports, says Marin, the hardest part about kiting is the disappointment that comes when things don’t come together. “When you know you can do something (kiting tricks), but it doesn’t work out how you want. That frustrates me sometimes,” she admits.

But it’s part of the game, she’s learned, as is a case of pre-competition butterflies. “I was nervous before my first competition, definitely. I didn’t know what to expect. And then? It was great,” she says, with a laugh.

Lou kiteboardingLou Marin 14 and a kiter to watch

“I want to keep pushing myself as hard as I can to train and practice tricks. I’d love to travel the world and kite. That’s what I’d love to do.”

And to the world, those of you reading her very first interview, Lou Marin says: “Keep doing what you love to do!”

Lou kiteboarding  Lou kiteboarding

Photos by Josh Messer and private, copyright 2015


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