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Emmanuel Rondon - A True Master!

Emmanuel Rondon Master Of the Ocean Cabarete Dominican RepublicEmmanuel Rondon: Kitesurfer, 27, Cabarete.
True stories are special. Most times, reality has the power of overcoming fiction and expections with the interest of finding just how far we can go despite the limitations. This is the real story of Emmanuel Rondon, a young and hardworking athlete, Cabarete local, who has demonstrated that his reality could become better than any dream being crowned champion in kitesurfing for several competitions. But not everything started like this.

LC: Tell us your story! 
ER: I am from the north coast, born and raised. I initially started hanging around in the beach while looking for a job so I could help my mom with expenses. Soon I got a gig helping out an athlete during an event and before he left, he gave me a kite. I was about 14 years old and from the on I fell in love with the sport! Became an instructor just so I could practice everyday.

Emmanuel Rondon Master Of The Ocean Cabarete Dominican RepublicEmmanuel Rondon Master Of the Ocean Cabarete Dominican RepublicEmmanuel Rondon Cabarete Dominican Republic

LC: You are participating in the event Master Of The Ocean this week, which is one of the elite events in watersports. What are your main disciplines?
ER: Kitesurf, surf and windsurf. What has been your experience and vision from the Master of the Ocean competition? I first got involved with MOTO in 2003 but I didn’t win 1st place until the years 2008-09. Then I won 2nd place in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. Last year my team won and I won in the Kitesurf division. This event has definitely helped me grow and given me the opportunity to represent my country abroad thanks to government sponsoring and from kite companies as well such as Starkites which is my main sponsor right now, I am very thankful! At the same time I can say this is a unique activity, one of a kind, here you can test your abilities in four different watersports. It allows you to show your skills and just basically show off everything that makes you awesome in front of a local and international audience. Hopefully the event will continue growing that way we will continue to compete with big names in the industry.

LC: What qualities do you consider a water man or woman just HAS to have.
ER: Discipline! And then, more discipline! Your body has to be a machine, it is your only instrument to overcome.

LC: Favorite practice spot?
ER: The reef in Cabarete Beach!

LC: Any routines during training?
ER: I get up at 6AM, go surf and sup. Kite on the afternoons and windsurf before sunset. Everyday. Oh, and a good balanced Dominican food diet.

LC: Which tricks do you enjoy doing best?
ER: Oh there’s many! Freestyle strapless on the kite, Aerial 360 in surf, and just focus on hitting the waves as hard as I can.

LC: How do you see the local talents?
ER: The talent is there and it is excellent! A lot of Dominicans are doing great, for example Josito Martinez and Ariel Corniel recently won an event in Dubai. It’s great really.

Photo by: The Kiteboarder Magazine

LC: What are your expectations on the future of the Master Of the Ocean event?
ER: Um, bigger prizes! (laughs). Well, i have been a part of it since it began so I expect to stay a part of it further and keep tracking its growth, whether in terms of organization or more competitors.

LC: Who are your biggest fans?
ER: My mom, my girlfriend, brothers and friends.

LC: Any song to get you in the mood before getting in the water?
ER: Sun is shining by Bob Marley, I like to relax and enjoy.

LC: You are a father now, congrats! If your son said he'd want to become an athlete as well what would you do?
ER: If that is what he wants to do, I will support him in all his decisions.

LC: Any last words?
ER: Yeah, i just want to invite all the youth in my country to get into sports. This is a great opportunity to grow in all aspects and a very fun profession too! Also want to invite everybody to come see us perform in this year’s Master of the Ocean! It’s going to be a super active week, pure adrenaline! Yew!!!

Emmanuel Rondon Cabarete Dominican RepublicEmmanuel Rondon Cabarete Kitesurfing Dominican Republic


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