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Julius Geier - Active in Surf Break Cabarete

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic In most occassions, presents and good times are associated as synonyms, but when they arrive under dire circumstances, we tend to see them as a curse: Unexpected gifts can come under the disguise of a new challenge. 20 years ago, a young Julius Geier steps on the golden sands of Cabarete for the first time. It’s January 1st 1996 and he’s just landed on the island with a friend for a windsurfing trip. And even though he’s not too much of a waterman himself, he tries his best to fit in the scene of the small beach town.

Born in Germany, Julius spent his youth living between Austria and Canada, you could say he knows a thing or two about first world countries and it’s modern cities. However, his body has never been fully okay with chilly weathers: “At the time, I was sick with fibromyalgea and there was no exact treatment for it. Except to elope from the cold.”

And even though his body symptoms were thankful during the wintertime vacation, he didn’t particularly enjoy his first weeks au caribbean: “On the first day learning windsurf my hands got injured so bad they bled and I couldn’t do much during the rest of the trip. Besides, I’ve never been a fan of the party scene, so I wasn’t sure I really liked Cabarete at all.”


Cabarete Surf Beach Dominican Republic

Shortly after, Julius and his friend associated creating Haitours in Haiti, but after a while that didn’t work out either, so he thought he might as well be done with the island. Little did he know, two months passed and Geier was back again, it was as if it kept pulling him in time and time again. But on this occasion, he focused on a business plan that had started as a hobby: a website to promote the town of Cabarete and it’s surroundings, and with that was born and afterwards he bought the domain, just in case.

Julius noticed website building as a trend on the rise and, for the first time in his life, he went knocking door to door and talked with 10 business to invest in his website and they all said Yes. He’s been doing that ‘till 2 years ago.

Cabarete Surf Break Dominican Republic

“At the time I was making websites and promoting Cabarete, then the hotels wanted their own .com’s which was great because until early 2000’s no one was doing that here but me.”

And that’s where new partners came along, wanting to make a profit off the “.com bubble”, with a scammy plan of making websites of just about every area in the country, (even Pedernales!). It was obviously all a big scam to sell a “.com”, like so many others did.

“Wether they wanted to or not people were pouring money in. But that didn’t last long. A few months later the bubble popped.”

Having signed Hispaniola for 3 years Julius had got people to do the nitty gritty work and he would overlook... Changing the website for something he didn’t like, and once it started bringing all-inclusive hotels in. He got out.

“So I said to my partners: If I’m becoming a millionaire for this you’ll have to get someone else. Nobody here was understanding what they were doing. Clients started asking questions and It wasn’t how I had visualized it, just didn’t want to be a part of it.”

“At the time I was making websites and promoting Cabarete, then the hotels wanted their own .com’s which was great because until early 2000’s no one was doing that here but me.”Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

Active Cabarete
They had a town meeting with 12 or 14 hotels, the owners were straight and cut to the chase: “We need a new website for Cabarete, wether you do it Julius or we’re getting someone else.” next thing you know was born in 2001.

A simple but informative webpage that give insight to basic details (weather, accomodations, bars, real state and business listings) that would make a tourists stay in Cabarete a lot easier.

Over the next few years everything was going well for Julius, he’d go back to Canada to visit his son, but kept returning to the DR, mostly because of his pure love for the nature, mountains and dominicans... The real ones, people away from the tourist world and more into the fields and countryside.

“I like canyoning and kiteboarding very much. For a while I was an avid motorcrosser and sometimes would roadtrip through Moca, Gaspar Hernández and Rio San Juan. This is a historic country and through my trips to small towns, I’ve come to fall in love with it.”

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

At one point, his thrill for motorcross almost killed him. Considering his son was little at the time, he discontinued his passion and so, his lifestyle in Cabarete went on in a tranquil mood, tending to his websites... For a while.

“I would still be doing it, you know. If I hadn’t inherited the SurfBreak Cabarete Hostel from my late mother Veronica. I was here at the time, we were supposed to have lunch on the day after it happened.”

Surf-Break Cabarete

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

Veronica was a strong-willed woman, but sweet to those she felt a connection with. During her last days she had wanted to upgrade and make the hostel better with the ultimate idea to sell it (and possibly land a deal to continue living in it for as long as her material body would allow her).

“When I saw myself with the opportunity to sell, I didn’t. I just made some new plans.”

With some money from over the website years, Julius completely renovated the place located in the heart of Playa Encuentro. What seemed to be a simple task took him months and months, so he contracted civil engineer William Parra and worked close together with rustic but elegant, detailed concepts.

“Nobody was doing anything here (in Playa Encuentro), now everybody has seen what I’ve done with the place. I guess I unintentionally started a renovation trend!”

In with the new
Having from 15 to 40 people fixing and rebuilding the house over the last 8 months has been his sole focus lately. The main house, its apartments, new swimming pool, a communal kitchen, a new cistern, the yoga room and a whole new green area are some of the few things that have received a face-lift. And everyone seems to love what he’s done with the place.

“I took all the old furniture out, everything out! Except my mother’s personal paintings of course.”

During the renovation process Julius inspired most of his ideas of improvements from other caribbean structures mixed with local iniciatives, such as “cana” roofs and “pañete” walls.

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican RepublicSurf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

“For me I like to feel things, get things going. I enjoyed making websites as a hobbie but after a while the maintenance gets boring. So, I’m enjoying the reconstruction process.”

As for the place, Julius still has work to do

“I want to fix some more things like the garden. There’s a corner in the yard were people spit out sandia and papaya seeds and some are growing wild but we’d rather build a small conuco. We also want to get some chickens!”

Not your typical house guests

Wether you go as an individual, a couple or a group there’s a 3 nights minimum for accomodations, but nobody seems to mind... on the contrary:

“Thats the time it takes to get used to things around here. Oh, and no mami chulas or sanky pankys allowed, if you know what we mean. There’s a 9:30 pm noise curfew since most of our house guests are surfers and yoguis who wake up early, besides I like to get along with my neighbors.”

On a first notion, Julius too considered renovating and selling the proyect, but now that most things are done... He’s getting the hang of being a host, while enjoying the process and his peculiar guests.

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

“During New Year’s we had a full-house and the funny thing is all my guests had a doctor’s degree: scientists, engineers, chemical engineers, astrophysicist. High level discussions was the norm, one does learn a lot from them.” says Geier with a satisfactory smile.

And that’s a statement, coming from someone who’s studied molecular biology, psycology, physics and anthropology. When asked about his experiences in special studies, it wasn’t all too rare for him. Both his parent’s were profuse in knowledge and promoted education: His father had 3 doctor degrees and spoke 8 (!!!) languages and his mom was a Montessori teacher as well as an artist.


“Now, for the low season, I want to organize spiritual and/or yoga retreats. My girlfriend is a full time yogui professional, She offers classes here for different groups."

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

 "Oh yeah. We also host green dinners.”

Yes. Food is very important for Julius and his business, everything is natural and fresh.

“We like to do 5 course meals from time to time, when we have enough people to participate (10 or more). Other times we do more simple stuff and invite some of our guests, friends and neighbors for a big happy meal, depends what the mood calls for. So stay in touch and come by for a weekend!”

Guess we’ll take your word for it and come on down.

And, what’s next for Julius you might ask?

“Im going to travel now, take a few days off to Montréal and see my son. I’m also going to Moscow with my girlfriend. Maybe somewhere else if it’s not too cold.”

Travelling is always a good idea, specially when back home awaits paradise.

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic

Surfing the Details:
-SurfBreak Cabarete is composed of 2 properties that are side by side.
-Each one has its own tropical garden and swimming pools.
-It offers high-speed free wifi and breakfast to its guests.
-The project can be considered a Posada (brazilian term for owner managed B&B)
-SurfBreak Cabarete has different spaces you can pick from wether it’s a cottage, a deluxe room, or a penthouse, amongst others.
-A 24 hour electricity with inverted and solar power.
-Encuentro Beach is a short walk away (great for kitesurfing and surfing).
-Other sport activities are available.

Surf Break Cabarete Dominican Republic


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