Monday, December 18, 2017

Travel wannahaves October

Travel WannahavesTraveling can be stressful for the body and mind, so what better way to stay relaxed and happy than to bring those items with you on your voyages that help you stay in shape and have fun? Of course they need to be light-weight, take up little space and if at all possible, have multiple uses. We scoured the internet for some indispensable travel wannahaves that are sports and relaxation related.

Travel lightweight yoga mat
From physical re-balancing to gaining new understandings of life, the benefits of yoga are plentiful. If you are already a yoga adept you’ll want to continue your routine if you’re traveling. If you haven’t started yet, practicing yoga during your travels may well open a whole new world for you, as it helps strengthen your back to carry your backpack, opens your mind to new influences and helps you feel more energetic and focused, no matter if you’re learning how to kiteboard or climbing Pico Duarte.

The lightweight Lululemon UN Mat is super thin (1/16”) and weighs only 2lbs.  It comes with a different texture on either side allowing you to choose your preferred grip. Made with polyurethane and natural rubber, it can be rolled or folded, and can easily double as a picnic mat, a mat to nap on whenever you need a rest, or a mat on which to relax with a good book.

Travel lightweight yoga mat  Travel lightweight yoga mat

Collapsible hula hoop
Invented in the 1950s, hula hooping has been reinvented on a global scale as a near magical fitness aid, to help strengthen abdominals and burn fat around your waist. Depending on who you believe you only need to hoop every day for 10 to 30 minutes to burn off all your excess calories. What better way to stay in shape when you’re traveling and don’t have any time, want or money to hit the gym?

Find out here how to make your own collapsible hula hoop, or buy one online. Especially if you’ve made your own one, your hoop will double as a great present if the occasion calls for giving away presents. And you will never be left stranded without one as you can easily make a new one at little cost.

Collapsible hula hoop  Collapsible hula hoop

Electric jet board
Are you a fanatic surfer and going somewhere where there is water but no waves? Fret not. Get this battery operated electric jet board and you’ll be riding the flat water at high speeds like a dream. Granted, it’s bulky but just imagine the fun and the new friends you’ll make when you break out this baby!

Onean has designed several boards and propulsion systems so you can choose the best for you. Apart from being lightweight and fast, its powerful electric jet is environmentally friendly and is really intuitive to use.

Onean Carver jet boart  Onean Carver jet boart








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