Monday, December 18, 2017

Travel wannahaves November

Travel Wannahaves
The main reason why some people don’t to like travel much are the minor discomforts – not knowing where you are, having to carry a bag with essentials and having to sleep in sometimes noisy circumstances. This month’s travel wannahaves offer solutions to all these small annoyances.



Never get lost again
Don’t like asking for directions but hate walking around with a map and looking like a tourist? You will never again have to walk in unknown cities looking like you know the place but in reality ending up miles from where you want to be. Get these super comfortable soles with a surprise. Integrated into the sole are small unobtrusive little pods, making your footwear super smart. These sleek pods hook up to an app in your smartphone, and after you’ve put in the address of where you want to go, the shoes will vibrate when it’s time to turn left or right. The pods even work offline so when you get off the plane in a new city you’ll know where to go.
Originally created for the visually-impaired, buying a pair of these shoes will help fund the company give a pair of shoes to those blind people who can’t afford the technology.
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No need to compromise – do your sports while having your essentials with you
Everybody has been there. You want to run on the beach but don’t know where to put your hotel key, a bit of money and your music… This comfortable tubular belt made of micro-poly and lycra is the solution you’ve been looking for. Feather light, easy to wear and staying where it should stay, there are no more limits to your movements, irrespective of whether you’re running down into the sunset or climbing up a mountain. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should only wear this gadget when you’re exercising. Want to be out and about without having to carry a bag? Here’s the fix to that conundrum.
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Sleep as you’ve never slept before
Traveling can sometimes mean staying in places that are noisy, where loud music, walls so thin that you can hear your neighbors snoring, or cacophonous traffic can keep you up at night. With these sleek looking earplugs with sound eliminating foam you’ll not only be able to block out the offending noise, but you can also play soothing sounds into earplugs for a full eight hours so you’ll be able to sleep peacefully through the night. Also great for when traveling on planes or buses at night time.
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