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Altos de Chavon - a 16th century Dominican village

Alton de Chavon churchProudly perched high above the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by lush tropical jungle vegetation, Altos de Chavon looks and feels like a 16th century Mediterranean village that has been miraculously transported to the tropics. In reality, construction of the village only began in 1976 after American billionaire Charles Bluhdorn came up with the idea and funding for the project. Now it is the background setting of world-famous concerts and inspiring artists.

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Making your flight more comfortable

passenger plain For many of us going to the tropics to take that much yearned after holiday in the sun on beautiful beaches with lightly swaying palm trees means taking a plane, usually taking anywhere from four to ten hours. And although most of us would love to fly first class we usually end up in economy class as that’s the ticket we bought, wedged in between a fat guy on your right and woman with a baby on your left. There are however a number of little tricks you can apply to make sure your economy flight, be it long distance or not so long distance, is much more comfortable.

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More Dominican travel connections

Caribbean air travel made easierGetting to and from the Dominican Republic always involves either air travel or travel by boat, unless you go to Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola. Getting to other Caribbean often also means flying first to the United States to get a connecting flight, with all the hassle of going through US customs.

However, recent developments in the airline industry now means that travel to and from the Dominican Republic will be made easier, especially within the Caribbean region. Also within the island visitors can now take a plane to cut on travel time.

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Discover Laguna Dudu

Laguna Dudu, Cabrera - Lifestyle Cabarete - Photo by Andreas LagopoulosLaguna Dudu, also called Blue Lagoon, is a great destination for a day excursion, especially if it’s a hot day when some cooling off is highly recommended.

Located close to Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the cenote, or sinkholes, consists of several natural deep lakes with crystal clear cold water. The lakes are interconnected by natural underground tunnels making this a unique spot for divers.


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Talking Dominican - serie 2

Speaking Dominican - Lifestyle CabareteFollowing up on the many cool reactions we got on the last article, we’ve decided it was time to have another article on Dominicanisms. For those who didn’t see the first article, Dominicanisms are those words in Spanish that are only used here on the island and can confuse a native Spanish speaker as much as anyone else who isn’t actually from here.

So below is another selection of the widely colorful vocabulary used in the Dominican Republic, which leaves most people going “eh?”, along with an extensive explanation so you will know what is being said around you.


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