Monday, December 18, 2017

Sharon Speicher

Sharon Speicher Acupuncture Cabarete FloridaAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice, first recorded as far back as 282AD in the ‘Systematic Classic of Acupuncture’, however it’s widely believed to be practiced for longer. Legend has it that this form of medicine developed as a result of Chinese physicians witnessing unpredicted results on puncture wounds of injured warriors.
Used alongside other Chinese medicinal practices in addition to complimenting some traditional Western Medicine, acupuncture is also supported by the World Health Organization, whom recommend it for use in over 40 conditions including pain relief, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and gynecological and nervous conditions amongst many others.

By way of a supremely basic explanation, the complex and detailed Chinese medicinal practices of which acupuncture is a key part of, also take into account other factors such as CHI (energy flow), YING & YANG (opposing but complimentary principles in every aspect of our lives and bodies) THE ORGAN SYSTEM (in Chinese medicine the body is made up of 12 main organs including liver, heart, lungs, gall bladder etc) and the FIVE ELEMENTS (water/wood/fire/earth/metal) which are all connected to individual organs, and as such are used to help treat any disorders that may arise. Over thousands of years the Chinese have developed a very intricate system to show how organs and elements are related to physical and mental symptoms- something Western medicine is slowly grasping.

A fundamental part of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is that conditions arise when there is an imbalance between the Ying and Yang of an organ, when the Chi is blocked or not flowing correctly in between organs, or when something affects the Chi that flows along certain meridian points in our bodies. A series of small needles are therefore inserted at certain specific points along the body in order to restore the Chi and Ying and Yang balance to damaged organs, alongside taking an overall look at the person’s lifestyle, diet, environment and other factors that may be causing their particular illness or problem to be present.

Sharon Speicher is one of the US’ leading Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners, having studied for her masters in the late 90’s under the guidance of Beijing professors. She has the kindly, nurturing air of someone who cares deeply about people, and radiates warmth and knowledge, a surefire way to inspire confidence when- let’s face it- we generally only enlist such niche services when we are faced with a problem, be it physical or emotional.

A former athlete, she is very much in tune with her own body and having suffered quite a lot of injuries herself, this makes her better able to treat her own clients. THE ideal person to practice in Cabarete. Her big career opportunity arose through Nixon’s visit to China in the 70’s, where US media witnessed local medicine and acupuncture for the first time. The free trade agreements post the Presidential visit opened up the opportunities for a new era in ‘alternative’ medicines.

Having previously worked in spa settings as a masseuse, Sharon has now built up her client base by working alongside chiropractors and setting up her own house-call patient list. Sharon’s keen knowledge and passion for Chinese medicine is evident, her explanation being “I wanted to treat my clients with more than just massage, that is why I chose a field that really provides beneficial results”.

Very ahead of her time, Sharon came across some elements of Chinese medicine when she had developed what she believed was carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of having massaged “over 60,000 clients” on cruise ships.  Successfully treated by an acupuncture practitioner in the Atlantis Spa in Pompidou Beach, this was the epiphany which propelled Sharon to learn more over the years- to the point that she also now lectures frequently in the US and on cruise ships in order to educate people on wide ranging aspects of Chinese medicine.

My own massage and acupuncture session began after some precise lines of questioning from Sharon, who in an ideal situation needs to understand a client’s background on a physical, emotional and nutritional level in order to have as balanced a view as possible prior to starting a treatment.

I explained that I didn’t have any physical ailments as I’m a very healthy individual, and my eating and sleeping habits are pretty well managed. I did however omit to mentioning that I’d suffered a bad car crash a few years ago which had all but destroyed my lower back, as the cynical journalist in me wanted to see if she would find this out herself.

The treatment was accompanied with specific ‘Binary Chakra Healing Music’, which combined low frequency pulses with higher frequency chimes. As if aliens and angels were having a celestial ‘sound off’. This magically worked alongside Sharon’s healing hands and soothing voice, and almost immediately she started to gently run her hands along my back, some knotted and deeply rooted spots where found.

“Have you recently had an emotional upset?” I really had. And felt instinctively safe in the knowledge this wonderful lady was going to make things better for me.

Gently prodding, firmly kneading and eventually inserting 14 needles along relevant points in my arms, legs, feet, shoulders and neck, I was soon totally tuned in to the lower frequency music, almost in a trance. I fell into a short but deep sleep, as a lot of pain radiated along my right arm. This is where I had suffered a trapped nerve a few years ago, and where I tend to release any tension if I am under stress. My lower back heated up in a way I cannot explain.

Post the treatment I was completely wiped out and feel sleep for a couple of hours, waking up a little groggy and sore. This was my body healing after having had my energy channels realigned and opened up. I was somewhat skeptical about the potency of this type of procedure, but I have to say that I felt energized, tall and somehow sparklier from the next day onwards.

Having spoken to others who have been treated by Sharon for particular ailments, her very individualized treatments are EXACTLY the remedies we should be looking towards, instead of popping pharmaceuticals at the first sign of a problem. Developed over thousands of years and now available locally- who are we to argue with treatments that have kept billions of people relatively healthy across the millennia?

For bespoke consultations and house calls from Sharon please call
829 207 3361. Treatments start at $45US and can also be carried out at the Millenium hotel, where Sharon also practices.


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