Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy kite instructor Damien

Cabarete kite instructor Damien DageWhile researching for good kiteboard instructors in Cabarete, one of the instructors that stood out was Damien Dage. Previous students of him have described his teaching style as relaxed but to the point. He is said to be great at taking students step by step through all the different beginner moves, like how to keep the kite stable and how to get on the board, and most importantly he explained at great lengths what not to do when making those moves.



Cabarete kite instructor Damien DageWhen interviewed for this piece, he explained that when he started kiting in 2008 he decided that he would learn the sport on his own because he didn’t have any money to take lessons at the time. As he’s as stubborn as a donkey he actually managed to learn how to handle the kite and ride correctly after an intensive, painful and potentially lethal couple of months without anyone’s help. He made every mistake possible, sometimes with painful consequences, and was lucky that the Northern French beach on which he practiced had this huge stretch of sand without any obstacles and was usually devoid of people who could have easily been injured as well. The experience taught him what not to do and that everybody should take some classes before setting out to kiteboard on their own.


Kite instructor Damien DageBy 2011 Damien had perfected his kiting style, had taken a number of classes to become a kite instructor and had grown tired of the cold and the rain of his native Berck on the North Coast of France. He was in dire need of a change, wanting to start living his passion instead of living to work. So he decided to follow a friend of his who had gone the year before to Cabarete to teach kiting. At first he was only going to stay for three months to enjoy life in tropical paradise on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic; those three months have now already been extended to three years and counting.

Since arriving in Cabarete he has already given more than 1.300 hours of kite lessons to more than 120 students. His goal is to become a kite examiner, which will allow him to instruct kite instructors, organize specific training coarses and validate the student teachers that attend the course.

Kite instructor Damien DageIn the mean time he still really enjoys teaching beginners the basics of kiting. “It’s very satisfying to see students grow in their ability and confidence; and the smile you get when a student comes back to the beach after their first successful ride on the board is priceless!”, Damien says.

He will be sharing his extended knowledge on a dedicated blog on Lifestyle Cabarete called "Kiting tips & tricks", in which he will be explaining simple to hard tricks with step by step photos as well tips on priority rules, how to get past the beach break on Bozo Beach in winter and many more interesting topics.

To contact Damien check out his website:


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