Friday, November 24, 2017

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Tiny Pirate Claudia Batchelor Girls CabareteI have the fiercest, funniest, foxiests and funnest girlfriends on the planet. FACT. 
So it was a genuine concern that I would be moving away from them to a tiny hamlet devoid of city bustle and culture. I love my girlfriends like sisters, so this definitely played on my mind and was the main reason I ensured that even before I left London, for the first few months of my relocating I had plenty of visitors to keep me company.

To my shame, I had imagined that a lot of the female species in Cabarete would be mostly concerned with their tans and their abs, and whilst this is something to behold and admire, I like my girls to have a little more depth and spirit. I want to be able to talk politics, environment, music and art, world affairs and travel as well as compare cute shoes and nail polish and talk about hot boys and what hair products we use, and coo at babies and dogs we see on the beach. I also want them to party like rockstars, dance all night in stilettos and drink like sailors when the need arises. I want it all. In girl form.

Pirate Shoes Claudia Batchelor Tiny Pirate CabareteI should have perhaps had a lot more faith. But as a lapsed Catholic this is a little too much to ask of me. That said, the sweeetbaybeeejeesssuuus has blessed me with such great new friends, that I needed to share this with you lovely people. Not just to boast (which I totally am!), but also to reiterate the point to myself as much as anyone else, that incredible people can be found all over the world and even in your street. We just sometimes get so caught up in our own individual bubbles that we may end up missing out on making lifelong buddies, even when we think we have them already. You can’t have too much love in life. (Unless you are paying for it but then it gets rather expensive and sometimes messy…but that’s another story…)

Girls in Cabarete are pretty much the same as my city sisters, just with a lot less clothing (mostly). They are as smart, funny, kind, talented, adventurous and successful as all my other girlfriends, but they can also ride waves like pros, play poker with far better style and grace than boys, and are equally total Milfs. They have been my inspiration to write, play poker and get in even better shape. Amongst other things. They all also cook like masterchefs and look like butter wouldn't melt, but they are as naughty as all the girls in my life I have the privilege to call friends.

My social life is filled with things I love, in the company of women I relish the moments I spend with. Fun kite and surf sessions have been enhanced with Friday night poker and foot karaoke, and writing groups I was initially skeptical about have been hugely inspirational and nurturing, and are helping me to become better every day.

And yes- there have been a couple of boys in the writing groups- but (and boys please don't take this the wrong way because I love you), the leaders and mentors for me have always been my female peers. They get me more than you ever could, simply because they understand the emotion and quirkiness and clumsiness that comes from having a (great) set of funbags!! Haha :) Only kidding- but I hope you get the point.

Writing group Tiny Pirate Cabarete Claudia Batchelor

For occasions ranging from playtime to emotional support I am beyond fortunate to have a network of girls whose sole concern for me in those moments are to feed me alcohol and chocolate and make me laugh. What more could I wish for?

We hang out, play dress up, go on roadtrips, share our most intimate moments and generally act as if we have known eachother a lifetime. People say that as you get older it becomes more difficult to make enduring friendships, and whilst I have become accustomed to getting to know people quickly because of my work and gypsy tendencies, I have not experienced a place that is so openly warm and inviting to strangers.

Maybe it's the combination of the Latin spirit, small village mentality and transient nature of Cabarete that makes it the perfect recipe for such kick-a*s girls. Whatever it is, this is yet another reason for me to know I found home.  

So here is to my kite and surf sisters, poker b*tches, unwavering confidants and mentoring writers whose love, friendship and respect I continue to value over and above anything else I have found in this treasure box in the DR. I love you sassy Latino, Brits, Yankees, Vikings, Canucks, Spaniards, Asian, Caribbean and European beauties- you have made my life complete in ways I can’t even describe.

Girls for Tiny Pirate friendship Claudia Batchelor Cabarete

Until the next time people!



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