Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Bittersweet Homecoming

Cabarete Vibes Dominican Republic Tiny Pirate LifestyleCabarete is like the bad, sexy boyfriend that you can't leave. The one that inspires a mad love affair that you can never let go of, and makes you feel alive. This, in spite of knowing deep down that at some point, the bewitching headiness will lead to no good. That is why Cabarete is so addictive. We all love the bad boy.

I’m sure we’ve all been there- we have a torrid fling, leave, stalk them on social media and wish the time away until we see them again. Oh. Not you? Just me?? Well, never mind…if it hasn’t happened, you haven’t LIVED! Try it…it’s fun. And in time you will find that the tears sustain you. It’s like a sick sadomasochistic game you have with yourself. But I digress. After months of being away, I came back and wanted the love, the passion and the dirt. And I got it all in spades. In a moment I was thrown back into that ardent love affair so that I was head deep, heart deep, uhm..other places deep into. 

It's been like stepping back into a new scandalous liaison. The intoxicating obsession, the wild desire that blinds us against reality. The thing that stops us from taking the shine off the reality of where we are. And I love it with every cell in my body. I’d missed the drama, gossip, unbridled love, fierce neighbourhood spirit. And my kite. I yearned for the love like I've almost never felt before. Support that rivals any family unit you could ever hope for- the Italian Mafia could not be more loyal to eachother than my darling Cabaliens are to their tribe and to me. Devotion for the community that I still question ( Hege/Ron/Deidra/ Mechi/Jonathan W to name a few), as I don't understand how their hearts can be so big. 

Tiny Pirate Homecoming Lifestyle CabareteTiny Pirate Homecoming Lifestyle Cabarete

I grieved my darling friend Benjamin, taken too soon from us for his new adventure in a new galaxy. I hope he is as happy and fulfilled there as he was the last time I saw him here. I rejoiced the new soon-to-be-additions to our gang. I have yet to meet a Cabalien baby or child that isn’t stunning, kind and well mannered. The parenting skills that abound in this tiny paradise are off the scale. I walked on the beach, taking in rainbows and sunsets and sunrises that I will never tire of. I relished being in my bed, wishing my special someone was with me…soon…soon…

I lamented some of my favourite places that have closed down or simply not yet opened up for the season- RIP VACA!! But excited to see what the new owners have in store for us. One of my new favourite places is the ‘Hot Spot’, where I hope to launch my new Tiny Pirate Radio Show at some point this season. Expect musings and madness in a musical form.

Not only does this fill me with deep joy, the owners have also bestowed on me the greatest accolade I could have hoped to achieve. They have dedicated a special ‘Tiny Pirate’ cocktail (also known as the Morena Caribena), made with the finest ingredients of some of my absolute favourite things.

Would you like to know what I taste like?

Well, first of all the smell of chocolate makes you go ‘ooohhhh’ and softens up your palate to receive me. Once you explore, you can initially taste my chocolatey sweetness, which is immediately followed up by a seductive pull of tropical coconut. Just as you are lulled into this delicious paradise, any naughty thoughts are slapped away by a manly shot of Pirate rum, then the remaining corrective therapy comes care of the British-boarding-school tot of Baileys. By this time your head is spinning…you are not sure if this witches’ brew of inequity is friend or foe. But as you are being soothed into cocktail sexiness, the fresh chilli will salsa on your tongue all night.

Tiny Pirate Homecoming Lifestyle Cabarete The Hotspot CocktailTiny Pirate Homecoming Lifestyle Cabarete The Hotspot Company

Put simply- it’s everything I am in a glass. The next day you will wake up not knowing who/where you are, or who you're with. You'll check your genitals, your wallet/purse, and then, as you start to have regrets, you will taste me on your tongue again and won't want to wait to rush back to feel me in your mouth again. 

I had 3 ( after a few glasses of wine) and I AM a Tiny Pirate with hollow legs... But I woke up (alone on my day bed!) dressed as geisha (?!) after having been taken home in disgrace by our knight in shining armour, Joe from Gorditos. So I challenge any of you to beat my inaugural record and tell me your saucy stories. Photos welcomed. 

So my return home has been eventful to say the least. I felt grief, in love, frustrated, excited and ashamed in equal measures. Just like a proper love affair. And remember when I mentioned earlier that the headiness of Cabarete will lead to no good? Well, we soon got in trouble in more ways than I could have expected.

In the space of a week I have gone from bereavement to shenanigans and then to the reality that the fragility of life can bring. Torrential rains across the North Coast, from Puerto Plata to Semana have destroyed or flooded hundreds of homes, leaving over 20 thousand people displaced. The limited resources that the government can provide are nowhere near adequate enough to even make a dent in the catastrophe that has unfolded.

Tiny Pirate Lifestyle Cabarete Homecoming The HotSpotLifestyle Cabarete Tiny Pirate Blog Flood 2016 Dominican RepublicLifestyle Cabarete Tiny Pirate Blog Flood 2016 Dominican Republic

Almost immediately that the president declared a ‘State of Emergency’ in our region, tens of residents, from every corner of the world - including Dominicans who have less than most of us privileged immigrants - started in their own stoic ways to pull together to help their neighbours and our town. Everything from beach clean ups, live music events, donation drives, food runs, offers of shelter, fundraisers, clothing efforts, soup kitchens and media promotion have been instigated. The whole town is lit up with activities that have been created to help those in need.

No fanfare, no dramas, no-one taking centre stage in the ever-growing, self promoting, charity porn that many use as selfie opportunities. In our town there is just a series of dignified and heartfelt multitude of activities to help our neighbours, our people.

And just like the proverbial bad boy, Cabarete is burned into my soul and will be until I die. Because when you least expect it, the love and commitment Cabarete gives to its residents cannot be denied. Myself and others have been moved to tears by our town’s collective generosity.

Lifestyle Cabarete Tiny Pirate Blog Flood 2016 Dominican RepublicLifestyle Cabarete Tiny Pirate Blog Flood 2016 Dominican Republic

I am dedicating this blog post to every single one of my fellow Cabaliens, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for pulling together when it really counts. WE SHALL OVERCOME. I love you all so much.

If anyone would like to make any donations towards food programmes and other essentials such as blankets, mosquito nets and medicines, please do so to my
PAYPAL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EVERY penny/cent/dime will be accounted for and managed by Ron Zauner and Hege Holt at PROVIDING OPPORTUNITY FOR SELF IMPROVEMENT. All monies will be used to relieve the suffering and rebuilding of houses and everyday lives of residents in La Cienega, We can provide one hot meal for up to 300 people a day for $50US…

Toodle Pip until next time!

X *

Photography by: Hege Holt/DreamBuz Media



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