Monday, December 18, 2017

Trouble in Paradise

Tiny Pirate in the Caribbean Claudia BatchelorFor you, H with all my love. I hope the photos make you smile xoxo  

As we all know, no-one’s life is perfect, we just sometimes use social media to make it look like we are  enjoying a much rosier time than we may actually be having. Everyone has ups and downs, emotional upsets, and suffer the challenges that form the rich tapestry of being alive. How we deal with the curveballs that life throws our way however, is an individual journey likely structured in our formative years. For me, since I was old enough to have some control over my destiny, I have mostly chosen the route of least resistance for getting over any traumas. I’m too lazy to spend the energy on holding a grudge or on to a negative emotion, I try and forgive easily, blow up like a Latin Vesuvius when the need arises, but then move on quickly and start afresh.

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Dora Does Disco!

Tiny Pirate Claudia Batchelor Lifestyle Cabarete Miami DoraUs Latins love to party. It’s in our DNA. We come out of the womb bopping and jigging (sorry Latino mummies!), and the party never stops. And whilst I didn’t move to Cabarete for the nightlife, there are certainly ample opportunities to get your groove on, here in this buzzy little beach, or just a short hop, skip and a jump away in Miami.Ahhh…Miami…the older, dirtier sister of the (fairly) innocent Cabarete. The senior sibling who went to college a naïve girl and ended up working as an ‘exotic dancer’ when she learned how to make the most of her money-making moves. That place.

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Decisions Decisions!

Tiny Pirate in Pakistan Claudia Avila Batchelor I’m sitting at the Kite Club, trying to undo last night’s alcohol-related damage by infusing my body with coconut water. And I wonder to myself at which point good decisions become bad? Was it when the vanity of not wanting to look ‘pleasantly podgy’ prevented me from lining my stomach with food before I started drinking? Was it post inhaling the drunk-dialed pizza, when my brain then thinks it can handle any quantity of any mixture of any coloured beverage? Or was it, post salsa-ing at Ojos when all of a sudden I become a twerking champion? Only to discover the song in my head I was twerking to, was not the one that was playing on the sound system? Awkward.

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A Tiny Homesick Pirate

Claudia Avile Batchelor Tiny Pirate Blog Cabarete Dominican RepublicI seem to have spent a lot of time writing on planes and trains lately, and today is no exception. I’m actually scribbling this on a worryingly old metal bird traveling back to England from Turkey, watching the sky get greyer and wetter as we head north. I wanted my gypsy life to abate somewhat when I moved to Cabarete, but it seems the less available I’ve made myself, the more in demand I have become. #firstworldproblemsiknow!!

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Girls! Girls! Girls!

Tiny Pirate Claudia Batchelor Girls CabareteI have the fiercest, funniest, foxiests and funnest girlfriends on the planet. FACT. 
So it was a genuine concern that I would be moving away from them to a tiny hamlet devoid of city bustle and culture. I love my girlfriends like sisters, so this definitely played on my mind and was the main reason I ensured that even before I left London, for the first few months of my relocating I had plenty of visitors to keep me company.

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Settling In

Tiny Pirate Cabarete Claudia Avila BatchelorGetting used to a new life has been interesting to say the least. From the big city to the small bay, life could not be more different. Some of my closest friends here are The Pirate, The Captain, The Viking and The Player…who amuse me and guide me through the sometimes tricky aspects of beach living in what is effectively a tiny village. Because as much as it’s heavenly, you can’t have so much paradise without a little hell. It’s the ying and yang of life and keeps the world in balance.

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What Now?

Clsudia Avile Batchelor Tiny Pirate in the CaribbeanThe first few weeks of living in Cabarete passed by in a whirl of new-found allies, social engagements, International friends visiting, kite practice and one of the best Halloweens I’ve ever experienced. Cabaretians love this holiday as much as I do, and put huge efforts into creating magnificent costumes. The whole weekend was a trail of colour, sparkle, make up and creative peacocking. Hurrah for my bag of tricks!! I knew this was the perfect place for me…
It also felt like I’d lived lived another lifetime in those first months. I saw street urchins, beggars, hookers, gangsters, fly-boys, hot girls, the poor and the destitute, the needy and naughty, pirates and princesses, party people and m/dilfs…and every permutation of artist, bohemian, dreamer, mooch and scoundrel. Real, fake and imagined.

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Ahoy Shipmates!

A tiny Pirate in the Caribbean 1Hi…glad you can join me! It’s kind of scary to start writing a blog as it definitely makes one vulnerable…not something I’m used to. But here goes, I hope you like it, or at least it gives you inspiration to fine-tune your life. It’s worked wonders for me. And contrary to the popular saying “you only live once’, I tend to think the opposite…you live every day but die just the one time. Unless you’re a cat. So make the most of life’s adventures!
A Colombian nomad by blood and birth, my travels and career in music and writing have taken me to tens of different countries and cultures, working, living, breathing and experiencing life where possible as a local. Having had London as my home base for over 20 years, I was set to decamp to Ibiza in the winter of 2013/2014 in order to write my debut novel…until the stars magnetically pulled me to the magic town of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

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