Monday, December 18, 2017

Earth Wihtout Art is Just... EH!!

A Tiny Pirate in the Caribbean Art  Piece Lifestyle Cabarete Blog Series VoicesI can’t remember where I read the above line, as I would otherwise credit its genius creator. So if any of you know who made that descriptively clever connection please let me know as Google is not proving very helpful! As I sat down to write my blog, the words flashed up in my mind as all unique or interesting art tends to, and thus it became the perfect title for my Tiny Pirate wordsmithing this week.

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If Sex Sells…I’m Not Buying!

Heart I’m slowly making my way back home, currently writing this from a freezing New York, and the only company I have is a stinking cold. I’ve been listening to Prince and trying to channel Apollonia ahead of a night out, but sadly not getting past Chaka Khan when she wasn’t at her fabulous best. Because I feel lousy I also look like an angry chorizo with a bad wig on, which makes me feel worse, which shows on my face, which makes me look gross….vicious circle.



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Cocaine Pain

Tiny Pirate Lifestyle Cabarete Claudia Avila BatchelorBefore he had arrived in Colombia for a working press trip, the ‘Editor” (and I use that term loosely), of the previous magazine I wrote for was demanding that I score him some cocaine ahead of his arrival. His whatsapp messages were as relentless as his needs. I explained that I didn’t know anyone, would not be willing to look for a dealer and moreover, I am not a consumer. It was my first press trip with him and as much as I was concerned, I was also willing to suffer fools to an extent, to keep a job I loved. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their time travelling to nice places and writing about them? Good job I’d been a tour manager before as I put that hat back on and manipulated the situation.

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Why Prince is the King

Prince Paisley Park StudiosBefore he got picked up by the cool kids, Prince was a freak. I found him via a pirate radio station that I used to listen to late at night, aged 11/12 when anxiety about going to school prevented me from sleeping. I was struggling to learn English, but somehow I knew that “Do me Baby” was a song that was speaking to me. The melody soothed and enticed me in equal measures; I had never heard music like that before. I thought the singer was a girl. The broadcaster mentioned Prince’s name and at the weekend I went to the nearest ‘Our Price,’ and handed over pocket money to buy music. I still couldn’t work out if he was a girl.

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The Gentle Art Of Saying F**k You

A Tiny Pitrate - The Gentle Art Of Saying F*ck YouDr. Martin Luther King said "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it's right". And I’ve thought about this often and taken comfort in his words, when recently faced with making difficult decisions that were going to impact some of my work.




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The Guardians of Mama Africa

Africa viewWelcome to the new year! Did you make any resolutions? As you may imagine, I frequently meet mind-blowing pioneers on my travels, and last year was no exception. Let me share Nicky and Steve Fitzgerald with you- the kind of people whose own selfless resolve has resulted in the benefit to the environment, local communities, wildlife and lucky travellers.

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Recovery Muse

A Tiny Pirate blogThese improper thoughts were probably wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I had resisted her for almost two months, but my primal instincts could only take so much torment. Every day I would see her gliding past my villa in her Italian-made scooter, full, luscious hair trailing behind her gleaming helmet. “Buenos dias” the little coquette would offer in a voice so sweet I could taste it on my tongue. Her sunny smile always reached up to her eyes, as she’d turn and wave with a dainty hand in my direction. She would stir something in me that grew with every single day.

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Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll…Maybe

A Tiny Pirate Blog - PrinceI’m going to tell you something. But you have to promise to keep it between us because it’s the dirty little secret that musicians don’t want anyone to know for fear that their cool factor will be shattered. Understandable really, as rock n’ roll has to be one of the most fantasised about careers that anyone could dream of, right?

Well, the secret is this. Being a musician is not all it’s perceived to be. Sure, there are huge benefits if and when you ‘make it.’ The riders -hospitality requests that management demand for their artists appearing on shows- become more outrageous, perks grow increasingly extravagant, groupies reach supermodel status and Dr. Feelgood is never far from the party. Oh, and people listen to your music. Well, for the relative few that attain the mostly elusive god-like status.

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