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Chiropractic care for pregnant women


Future mothers can choose to have chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy.

Being pregnant is a beautiful time but can also be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Especially at the end of the pregnancy future mums can be helped with some chiropractic treatment. Find out more here in the bi-weekly series of questions regarding chiropractic care answered by Cabarete-based Dr. John Lancaster


Q: How safe is chiropractic treatment during pregnancy?
J: Chiropractic is very safe throughout the entire pregnancy. It is not uncommon for women to get checked by a chiropractor regularly throughout pregnancy, from conception until delivery.

Q: How can pregnant women benefit from chiropractic treatment?
J: Pregnant woman can benefit from chiropractic care by restoring the proper biomechanics, which in turn can reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy. Restoring the pregnant woman's nervous system function ensures that her developing baby has the best possible chance of receiving the proper nutrient signals needed to develop properly. Also, in the late stages of pregnancy chiropractic care is great for addressing issues of pelvic asymmetry, which can lead to the baby positioning itself in such a way that it would be delivered feet-first.

Q: Is there a period of time during the pregnancy, where chiropractic care is not recommendable?
J: No. Future mothers can choose to have chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy. That said, there are different types of adjustments that are more appropriate to addressing the changes in a woman's body as the pregnancy progresses and her belly gets bigger.

Chiropractic care for pregnant women


Q: Is there a time during the pregnancy when chiropractic care is particularly recommendable?
J: There are different times throughout pregnancy when women can decide to make use of chiropractic care depending on the issues and symptoms that they are dealing with at specific times.

In the early stages of pregnancy, women often begin chiropractic care just to assure they are doing all they can to increase the baby’s ability to thrive and to prevent any of the pains of pregnancy from developing.

Later in the pregnancy, as they begin to gain more weight, women often seek chiropractic care to deal with the aches and pains that they are experiencing due to the changes in weight, increased ligament laxity due to hormonal changes and a shift in their center of gravity.

And during the final stages of the pregnancy, women often seek chiropractic care to address issues of pelvic asymmetry which cause uterine constraint and can lead to the baby being in a breech or transverse position. Chiropractic care in the late stages of pregnancy has a great track record of restoring pelvic asymmetry creating the space needed for the baby to return to a normal, head-down position.

Q: Can chiropractic care help reduce nausea, an affliction pregnant women often suffer from?
J: The reality about morning sickness is that it is a normal self-regulating process. A mother’s body is undergoing enormous physiological change, particularly on a hormonal level and nausea is often one of the by-products of such change. Getting a chiropractic check-up enables your body to be as healthy as it can be during this time and adjustments allow the body’s nervous system i.e. the body’s computer to carefully balance your physical and hormonal needs at this crucial time.

Q: In what ways can chiropractic care help the unborn child?
J: As is well-known, the woman’s body is literally supplying all of the necessary components needed to allow the baby to grow and develop. Her nervous system is not only responsible for the function of her body but is also directly affecting the environment of the baby as well.

Chiropractic care for pregnant women, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

By maintaining the mother’s nervous system free of any interference we are increasing the chance that proper lines of communication are maintained between the mother and fetus. Also, since chiropractic care influences the balance of the autonomic nervous system it can decrease stress, which also affects the developing fetus.

Q: Do you use different adjustment techniques for pregnant women?
J: Yes. Depending on the region of the spine that needs adjusting, I will use different techniques to adjust a pregnant woman. I also provide a pregnancy pillow so that the woman can lay down comfortably on her belly. These pillows are large foam cushions with a contoured hole in the middle to accommodate her pregnant belly without putting any strain or pressure on the baby.


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