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Acupuncture and the fear of needles

No need to be afraid of Acupuncture needlesAcupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles in certain points of your body, in order to manipulate the flow or energy in your body or Qi. One might hesitate or be afraid of an Acupuncture treatment, because of the needle part involved. 

But the fear of needles should not hold you back to get an Acupuncture treatment. The needles are almost as thin as hair and fear is unnecessary.
In this edition of our Chinese Medicine Q & A series, Sharon will answer common questions that people might have about the needles used in her treatments.

 Lifestyle Cabarete: How big are the needles used in acupuncture? Do they cause bleeding?
Sharon Speicher: Needles vary in length and width (gange). In general, I use extremely thin needles and only on rare occasions is there a tiny drop of blood after the needle is removed.

LC: How many of your clients are initially afraid of the needles?
S: People who come from the US tend to have some needle “phobia”. I encourage people to try one needle first. However, since the popularity of tattoos, which of course is a painful experience, the initial fear of the needles has been somewhat diminished.

No need to be afraid of Acupuncture needlesLC: How do you address people with fear of needles?
S: Acupuncture needles are pre-packaged, sterilized and only used once. So there is no possibility of contamination or spread of blood-borne illnesses.

LC: How do people with fear of needles usually react after their first acupuncture treatment?
S: It is quite unusual to have an individual not want to repeat a treatment because they experienced pain.

LC: For people, who cannot overcome their fear of needles, are there other types of acupuncture or techniques that can be applied instead?
There are also other techniques that can be usedS: Absolutely! I have a strong massage therapy background as well as specific training in several Shiatsu techniques. So this is always an option for my client.

LC: How can acupuncture help in the process of overcoming fears in general?
S: Fear in general, now that is a whole different subject matter. However, I will say that according to Chinese theory the organ system involved with fear is the kidney meridian (which includes the adrenals), so tonification of this organ system can help relieve emotions of fear.

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