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Yoga in Cabarete

Yoga in the Namaste yoga store in Cabarete, Dominican RepublicWhen I first started exploring this topic, I was drawn to the spectacular settings in which to experience the exertion and ending shavasana... listening to rhythmic waves and the rustling of palm fronds interspersed with the trill of birds or humming insects at twilight… what a great way to end or start the day! However there's a lot to be said about a less exposed setting, where the inward journey is free from environmental distractions. And if one-on-one personal guidance is more down your alley, then the majority of local instructors offer the special attention you may need in a private or small group gathering.

One of the best things about practicing yoga in Cabarete is the variety of classes, styles and locations from which you can choose.
If you are new to Cabarete and plan to stay for a long weekend or for the rest of your life, my first go-to discovery for your yoga journey is the Namaste Yoga store located on the east side of Cabarete because here you’re most likely to find information on all the different yoga classes available around town. Elisa Biasolo and Alejandro Linares opened Namaste Yoga back in June 2014 when, after settling in Cabarete, Elisa realized there was no place to purchase a yoga mat. And like most niches to fill, that singular solution seed sprouted into a lotus flower that now supports the entire yoga community.

Yoga in the Namaste yoga store in Cabarete, Dominican RepublicMost local yoga instructors display their promotional material at Namaste Yoga, and those that haven’t yet are more than welcome to display their ads at the shop, making this location truly a yoga information hub. Besides providing information on all types of yoga classes and products available in Cabarete, Namaste Yoga also retails top quality and eco-conscience yoga gear, as well as a diverse collection of local artisan hand-crafted items from jewelry to natural soaps.

If you're comfortable with your practice and prefer the group setting, then there are classes abound in Cabarete. Ashtanga, vinyasa, yin style, tantric, kundalini, and restorative yoga are only a few on the list. Yoga geared for surfers or kiters and even yoga classes on a stand-up paddle board round up the possibilities. If you want to make it a family activity, not a problem: there are parent-child yoga classes. Most instructors are flexible in not just their physical being and welcome all participants. They may even gear the class to whatever focus the attendees find most suited to the group on a given day.

So whether you prefer to flip your dog with an ocean breeze or grow your tree focused on a beautiful mandala in the cocoon of an indoor studio, Cabarete has it all! See you on your mat!

Below are some helpful tips for those wanting to join a yoga class:
Yoga in the Namaste yoga store in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

  1. Even though you may be operating on island time, show up ahead of schedule and brief your instructor on any injuries or limitations so modified postures can be utilized. 
  2. Bring your own water. Not every location has beverages close at hand. 
  3. Shut off your cell phone. No explanation needed here. 
  4. If you don’t have a yoga mat, don’t worry. Most classes will provide you with a mat for a small fee.
  5. Listen to your body. Yoga is not a contest and you can injure yourself. Some preliminary stretches may be necessary. (Another reason to show up a little before the class starts)
  6. If you find a class you want to attend regularly, it may be more economical to buy a package of classes. 
  7. If yoga is not for you, there are other fitness classes available at most locations.

Some of the common Yoga spots in Cabarete are:

The Yoga Loft
Yoga at Natura Cabana
Yoga at Hooked Cabarete
Yoga by Saving Grace
Yoga at Millenium Spa & Resort
SUP Yoga at Blossom Retreat
If you are a Yoga teacher and would like to be added to this list, please contact us.)

Written by yoga fan Sharon Speicher who is a self-described group yoga lover because she is a 50 plus, naturally inflexible, trauma ridden, out of shape warrior, whose body (and mind) requires that she dons some yoga attire and hightails it to a yoga class to get into the sun salutation position. Click here to read more about "No-Nonsense" Sharon.

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