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WATSU (WATer ShiatSU) treatment

Watsu Treatment with Sharon

WATSU stands for WATer shiatSU, a massage treatment in water. Sharon Speicher is one of few educated Shiatsu therapists offering this treatment in the Cabarete area, but as she says; "You don't find many heated pols around here, and believe it or not; the winter is a bit chilly for it". From May until end of September, though, Shiatsu should be on people's radars. "It's such a great alternative treatment with low impact", Sharon says. 

Question: What is WATSU and what is unique about it??
Sharon: WATSU stands for WATer shiatSU. It was developed by Harold Dull over 30 years ago. He learned Shiatsu or acupressure in Japan and wanted to take this therapy into the water. Using zen shiatsu techniques the body is floated, stretched and rocked while supported.

Q: What are the beneficial effects from WATSU?
S: This gentle modality of healing, done in body temperature water, can help with many conditions. It is not uncommon for physical and emotional releases to happen; it is truly a freeing of the mind, body and spirit.

Q: Who can benefit from WATSU?
S: Everyone can benefit from watsu as long as they are comfortable in the water.

Watsu Treatment with SharonWatsu Treatment with Sharon

Q: What does WATSU feel like?
S: Watsu has been compared to a deep relaxation similar to being in the womb.

Q: Do clients have to be able to swim in order to receive WATSU?
S: No, however it is important that a person has no fear and is comfortable in the water.

Q: Does WATSY involve any risks or side effects?
S: Not really. Although I would not recommend this type of therapy for people who are prone to motion-sickness, ear infections or do not find comfort in the water.

Q: Is WATSU recommendable for children and pregnant women?
S: Again with children it depends on their comfort level in the water. And as for pregnant women, this zero-gravity therapy is ideal for relieving some of the third trimester discomfort of the back, but again it depends on the individual.

Watsu Treatment with Sharon


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