Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lifestyle Cabarete Editors' Random Tips, Blurbs & Suggestions

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Afro Weekend in Cabarete, celebrating the roots

Collaboration Hotspot Company and Afro Beat Cabarete with Carolina CamachoCabarete invites to a weekend of afro celebration and artistry here in Cabarete! The new collaboration between event organizers in Cabarete brings good vibes to the event scene and opens doors for Cabarete to keep blooming in its growth and expression of culture and art. 

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Valentines Day in Cabarete - A Lovers Paradise

Valentines Day Cabarete COupleIt's San Valentine, or Valentines Day, Dia de Amor or you can choose any of the other names for this particular day number 14 in February. They say dear child bears many names, which seems to be true in this case. Valentines Day is embraced by the entire world, to share and care and appreciate the ones we love. How did it come about and what are the common things to-do in Cabarete on this day? 

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Xmas Time and Time to Make an Effort!

Christmas in Barrio BlancoThe other day I was invited to share a completely LOCAL Xmas dinner with the residents of Barrio Blanco, the village that has become like my home and family here in Cabarete.
For 5 years this village has gone through some amazing changes, from the worst to... well, very much on its way to the best!
Today the kids are in school, the families have dry houses, there are businesses growing up to create sustainability and there is a whole great deal of love roaming the streets of the Barrio. <3 I know, I have felt it and feel it every time I visit or meet one of the BB people in Cabarete.

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Uncharted Kite Sessions

Uncharted Kite Sessions kitesurf adventure CabareteFor those of you who remember rock jam band Tesla and their 90's album 5 Man Acoustical Jam, you might get what I am trying to say below... On our radar today is Uncharted Kite Sessions. In all reality this new concept of kitesurfing camps and clinics is exactly that; an uncharted kite jam with professional kitesurfers that you have seen in the movies and in the magazines. These are the athletes paving the road for kitesurfing and the future of the sport. These are the guys on top of the podiums, and they are coming to Cabarete to teach you those little secrets in week long jam sessions this winter. It's called "The Cabarete Pro Series". The Lifestyle Cabarete crew has been fortunate to follow and work with these fantastic athletes and Uncharted Kite Sessions the last few months and it made my list of this week's Editor's Pick of awesome stuff. Get ready for January, guys! 

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