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Uncharted Kite Sessions

Uncharted Kite Sessions kitesurf adventure CabareteFor those of you who remember rock jam band Tesla and their 90's album 5 Man Acoustical Jam, you might get what I am trying to say below... On our radar today is Uncharted Kite Sessions. In all reality this new concept of kitesurfing camps and clinics is exactly that; an uncharted kite jam with professional kitesurfers that you have seen in the movies and in the magazines. These are the athletes paving the road for kitesurfing and the future of the sport. These are the guys on top of the podiums, and they are coming to Cabarete to teach you those little secrets in week long jam sessions this winter. It's called "The Cabarete Pro Series". The Lifestyle Cabarete crew has been fortunate to follow and work with these fantastic athletes and Uncharted Kite Sessions the last few months and it made my list of this week's Editor's Pick of awesome stuff. Get ready for January, guys! 


Uncharted Kite SessionsUncharted Kite Sessions kicked off in Cabarete in August 2015 with world champion and RedBull King of the Air Kevin Langeree. The Dutch power house demonstrated why he has made it to the top of the charts as one of the strongest world tour athletes in the history of kitesurfing. From Kevin and Cabarete Uncharted skipped a couple borders of South America to meet up with another world champion, Mitu Monteiro and up and coming Sebastian Ribeiro, for a 550 km long downwinder down the coastline of northern Brazil. 

The Uncharted Kite Sessions crew returns to Cabarete in January 2016 for a 3 month run of Cabarete Pro Series. Ready to conquer the winter conditions in this legendary kitesurfing destination are  female world champion Jalou Langeree, Sebastian Ribeiro and another King of the Air Lewis Crathern

The Kite MagUncharted Kite Sessions this year partnered up with The Kite Mag in an Uncharted Blog Series, spreading the stoke of these kitesurf adventures in the best kitesurf destinations of the world, including Cabarete. 

Earlier this summer you could read the story about how founder Andreas Lagopoulos' path lead him to start Uncharted Kite Sessions. Andreas lives and kites in Cabarete when he is not traveling windy beaches around the world with fellow kite addicts.
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After having had the opportunity to stay alongside Andreas and the startup of Uncharted Kite Sessions on the subject of branding and marketing, there is no doubt in my mind that this is good for Cabarete and good for the sport of kitesurfing. Andreas mostly impresses with his way of integrating the true passion in to the professional schedule of the coaching clinics. For the participants it doesn't feel like going to a coaching clinic, rather what I described in the intro, a kite jam. The purpose of the clinics is of course to become a better kiteboarder, but equally important is the adventure aspect of the kite sessions. It's about more than kitesurfing; it's about life and living and being grateful. 


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We look forward to seeing all these fantastic athletes in Cabarete, Dominican Republic from January to March, followed by a road trip with the neighbor Cuba at the end of March. You can come! Contact us or Uncharted Kite Sessions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on how. 

In the meantime, work up your adrenaline a bit more with this video from EyeFly Films from the last Uncharted Cabarete Adventure with world champion Kevin Langeree. 
Uncharted Cabarete with kevin Langeree Summer 2015


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