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Xmas Time and Time to Make an Effort!

Christmas in Barrio BlancoThe other day I was invited to share a completely LOCAL Xmas dinner with the residents of Barrio Blanco, the village that has become like my home and family here in Cabarete.
For 5 years this village has gone through some amazing changes, from the worst to... well, very much on its way to the best!
Today the kids are in school, the families have dry houses, there are businesses growing up to create sustainability and there is a whole great deal of love roaming the streets of the Barrio. <3 I know, I have felt it and feel it every time I visit or meet one of the BB people in Cabarete.

My part: I am just helping where I can, but have become so attached to this particular organization (Providing Opportunity for Self Improvement) and village. Ron Zauner started it 5 years ago. Barrio Blanco kept it moving with Ron and the donors' help. And it is not stopping!!

This year is the first year with a proper community Pre Xmas Dinner. It went super well and I had tears in my eyes after, when I thought about how this went down and all the challenges that needed to be overcome to be able to pull off a successful and well organized dinner in the streets of the barrio.

Christmas in Barrio Blanco Christmas in Barrio Blanco

My statement: Whoever made this food need to open a restaurant in Cabarete!
OH my, that was an experience that made me realize that there are some highly sought after skills hiding in this village :) Yummy!

So... We are on the doorstep of Xmas Eve. These poor people haven't had the pleasure of indulging in too much food (as we all look forward to all year), ANY presents at all, a feeling of blessing... You get it.

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I am not the one to ask you directly for help, but I encourage everyone to participate in making a difference. It takes so little. You know what? If you have a pen lying around the house, this will help someone study next year. If you have a set of games for children , that maybe your children don't use, well there you go. These kids used to find old rubber tires to play with, which is fun and all, but don't you think they deserve something more?

House in Barrio Blanco House in Barrio Blanco

After all, they are the ones to take care of us "Gringos", cleaning our houses, making our food, driving you home any hour of the night on their moto, or straight up just giving you a smile out there in the street. If you at this point don't know what I am talking about, please visit and find your smile. 
I know what some with the "old" understanding of Barrio Blanco might be saying (just because I hear the negatives as well as the positives) and that's ok, but we know it is not exactly the way it is in the barrio anymore. In poverty you find anything and yes there's another side to it. But isn't there "another side" to every community?
Well, I think I am right on this. So let's honor the ones that struggle every day. I encourage to participate in making an EFFORT. Yes, that's the word here.


Together. Effort. Improvement. Love. Caring. And Selflessness.

Christmas in Barrio Blanco Christmas in Barrio Blanco

Year after year I see the village of Cabarete evolving, back and forth, up and down, like anything else in the world. But one thing I know: Barrio Blanco will never go back to the way it was. And it is thanks to all of you out there that have made an effort and participated with faith in the fact that it matters.

It matters.

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With all my love and caring thoughts:
Thank you!
Merry Christmas!
And A Happy New Year to All!

<3 <3

Christmas in Barrio Blanco

NB! We have a lot of gifts collected for the village so far and will have a wrapping party at the Lifestyle Cabarete office over the Belgium Bakery in Plaza Popular Wednesday the 23rd at 10am until 1pm.
You are welcome to drop in and have a chat and a laugh and drop off gifts you might want to share.
Or simply say hi and share some Holiday Spirit!

Wrapping presents Christmas in Barrio Blanco



Visit for more information about how you can help more people help themselves to a better life. 

Photos by Hege Holt/Anna Matuszynska 


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