Friday, November 24, 2017

Acknowledge that you have yourself a lemon!

Life's lemons Cabarete Life CoachingA lemon is a lemon, it is what it is, it is bitter, it makes our mouths pucker up when we taste them. The same thing happens when we receive a lemon, our bodies, minds, and hearts pucker up from the bitterness of the blow of the lemon received. We don’t have to like it, we don’t have to want it or welcome it, it is after all “bitter” to receive lemons!

Who wants the lemons that life brings? People don’t usually go looking for illness, accidents, breakups, financial struggles, job loss, lemons happen as part of life. So even though we don’t have to Welcome the lemons, as a matter of fact, it is reasonable to try to avoid lemons, and once they arrive we must acknowledge them. We must feel the hard emotions, the grief, the sadness, the anger, the emotional equivalent of the mouth puckering. Why???? We need to feel in order to acknowledge and we need to acknowledge in order to begin to accept, move through, heal, and make life sweet again. It is in the acknowledging that we begin to accept and in the accepting we can move through! In the case of our accident, I did not want it to have happened! I did not want any part of it! I did not want the broken neck, the crashed car, the pain, the insurance, the fear…. none of it did I want. I did not welcome it….it was very, very bitter…. I wanted it to have not happened, I wanted it to be a bad dream, I wanted to wake up and it not be true. But it was true, it did happen…. we were where we were, and nothing could change the facts. The thing that could change was our thoughts about the accident, our acknowledging that this was our new reality, feeling the pain and believing that somehow, someway, we would be OK.

So, the next time a lemon comes your way, remember you don’t have to like it, you just need to acknowledge it and that is the beginning of moving away from the bitterness and towards the sweetness, the LEMONADE!

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